End-Of-Summer Events Lure Visitors to Sedona Arizona
The summer season is winding down across the state, but Sedona is still going strong with popular events enticing visitors to stay.
Travel-Sized Fine Art at Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona
A unique, new exhibition opens at Sedona, Arizona’s Lanning Gallery making the summer season just a bit easier for travelers. On August 1st, the gallery marks the opening of “Fine Art: Travel Size” with a reception from 5 to 8...
Scenic Red Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona Beckons Nature and History Buffs
Located in a sparsely populated area along Red Rock Loop Drive, the Red Rock State Park offers unhampered views of bluffs, mesas, and numerous formations for which Sedona is famous.
Easy Hikes Are Convenient to Family Friendly Sedona Lodging
Fortunately for families visiting Sedona, some of the easiest Sedona trails are also among the best and located right by a good selection of hotels, from budget to luxury.
Paintings of Postmodernist Artist Mohsen Modiri Reflect the Impact of Life Experiences
Artist Mohsen Modiri has spent most of his life creating works of art in various genres.  Through his artwork, he reveals the internal and external feelings and sensations experienced in life, showing a transformation from a troubled soul to...
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Sedona, Arizona
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Also referred to as Red Rock Country, Sedona is a fabulous Southwest vacation destination rich in history, nature, geology, archaeology, and art. Travelers are drawn by the spectacular scenery, the wealth of fun-filled activities and memorable sightseeing opportunities. For couples, Sedona has become a premier wedding destination and Sedona's reputation as a spiritual mecca has attracted artists and seekers from around the world. Sedona was voted the most beautiful place in America, and neighboring Oak Creek Canyon, located just north of Sedona, boasts one of the most scenic drives in the country. To top it all off, Sedona is just a day trip away from natural wonders like the Grand Canyon.

Want to see panoramic views of Sedona as it looks right now?  See live, moving, daytime views of red rock country on the Sedona Webcam, our valued partner site for over 10 years.

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Find the best Sedona lodging, including hotels and resorts, bed and breakfasts, cabins and home stays. Dine with spectacular views of Sedona's famous red rocks: Thunder Mountain, Coffee Pot Rock, Snoopy Rock, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon.  Sedona hotels offer an astounding choice of amenities, activities, services, and itineraries suited to every personality and budget. See below for details.

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Go hiking in the red rocks or sightseeing in Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.  Play golf amid red rock majesty.  See amazing Indian ruins, National Monuments and the Grand Canyon.  See wild animals up close or ride the Verde Canyon Railroad through riparian wilderness. Tour the great wineries and tasting rooms of the Verde Valley.  There is so much to do and see when you stay in Sedona and the Verde Valley!  See below for details.


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Browse the coolest Sedona art galleries and New Age boutiques; find one-of-a-kind treasures and souvenirs.  Get a signature spa treatment. Go house hunting with Sedona's top realtors. Or, find the perfect wedding planner for your dream wedding in the beautiful red rocks. See below for details.


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