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Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Tours | Sightseeing
Contact Physical Address: 3505 W. SR-260 | Camp Verde, AZ 86322
Mailing Address: 4020 N. Cherry Road | Camp Verde, AZ 86322
Tel: 928-567-2840 (mention "GatewayToSedona.com" special offer)


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Out of Africa Wildlife Park includes the following Tours and Shows in the General Admission:

The African Bush Safari Tour
All Day, Monday through Sunday (last tour leaves at 4:00 pm),
On this 35-minute African Bush Safari, you'll experience the heart of Africa in the heart of Arizona. Your safari comes complete with an expert tour guide and many of the exotic animals you'd see on the plains of Africa as if you were there.  We'll do the driving, so you can sit back and relax as you encounter giraffe, zebra, ostrich, gemsbok, sable antelope and more. We provide treats so that you can feed select animals and maybe even receive a gentle kiss from a giraffe. On nearby hills, a pride of lions and other big cats keep a watchful eye over you and their Serengeti domain. It’s like Africa, only much closer!

The Giant Snake Show
Showtime, 2:15 p.m., Monday through Sunday.
Get wrapped up with the world’s largest species of snakes - Anacondas, Pythons, and Boas! With the guidance of a Park Caretaker, you can touch, pet and even hold some of these beautiful giant reptiles. Great photo opportunities abound with your friends and family. It's safe for all ages.

The Tiger Splash Show
Showtime, 1:15 pm – Monday through Sunday.
You’ll “ooh, and aah” as Bengal and Siberian tigers interact in a predator/prey relationship with their caretakers. Witness these nimble predators romping, chasing, playing, jumping, and of course, splashing in their very own aquatic playland. This exhilarating show is not only wildly entertaining, but it's also highly educational. You'll discover how instincts, intellect, and feelings interact to form spontaneous, natural behaviors that allow us to do what would otherwise seem impossible.

The Predator Feed
Showtime, 3 pm - Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
Follow our animal caretakers on The Predator Feed as they throw nearly 800 pounds of raw meat to eagerly awaiting carnivores. This is your chance to watch hyenas, tigers, lions, pumas, leopards, and other large animals of prey pounce on their prepared diets. Plan to arrive at the Park at least 30 minutes before any show to make it to the venue on time.

The Wonders of Wildlife Show
Showtime: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 3:00 pm.
Watch in amazement as caretakers interact with unique and fascinating animals from all around the world! Meet cute and cuddly, slithery and slippery, or feathered creatures up close and personal. Learn about animals’ likes and dislikes, behaviors, instincts, health, and habits both in captivity and in the wild. Touching is believing.

The Park is open daily, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm (Admission closes at 4:00 pm). We are planned to be closed only on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. Please check the website to plan your day. We recommend 4-5 hours to experience the wildlife park. Parking is free.

Out of Africa is located 3 miles west of I-17 on Highway 260. Only 30 minutes south of Sedona.

Other options include the VIP Behind-the-Scenes Tour, the Predator Zip Line Tour, SuperMog Safari Adventures, and Sloth Encounters!

Special Behind-the-Scenes VIP Tour Package
Experience an exclusive Behind the Scenes three-hour, in-depth tour often led by the founders of the Park or lead caretakers. Plus, feed a white tiger and enjoy the impromptu animal interaction. The VIP includes lunch, reserved seating at Tiger Splash®, all day admission, and access to all tours and shows. Adults $175, Children $145. Please, no children under age 5. Reservations are required. Book online at www.outofafricarpark.com, or call 928-567-2847 or 928-567-2842.

The Predator Zipline Tour
Experience the Predator Zipline, a high-flying adventure that explores a loftier side of the park – one that takes you over the grandeur of the safari park as wild animals underneath you elevate your experience. This tour features six lofty towers, five separate zip lines, a suspension bridge and expert tour guides. If you don't have time for a full tour, why not try our single-run thriller, the Racing Raptor? This run features three parallel lines so you can simultaneously zip alongside two of your friends as you whisk overtop majestic animals. All zip lines have automated braking system, so you don't need to worry about stopping. For ages 8 and up.  

SuperMog Adventure Tour
Make your Serengeti excursion even more personalized and intimate. With this hour-long upgrade, you can expand the highlights of the African Bush Safari tour (Included with general admission) with an hour-long ride on a SuperMog, an off-road vehicle designed to maximize your visibility and closeness to the animals. It’s also the perfect à la carte upgrade for those enjoying free general admission during the month of your birthday.
Join one of our many knowledgeable guides and find yourself surrounded by the majestic beauty of exotic, free-roaming African wildlife. Your experience begins with a drive through the park, where your guide will introduce you to many of our inhabitants along the way as you trek toward the inspiring Serengeti.
Make your experience at Out of Africa even more authentic and memorable with this enriching upgrade.

Sloth Encounter
Go into the sloth enclosure and have an up-close and personal encounter with one of the most fascinating and adorable creatures of all time—the two-toed sloth. With this adventure, you’ll get to touch and feed Bart the sloth, while learning interesting facts about the two-toed sloth, like their behavior, diet, conservation efforts and more. Feel free to take as many pictures and selfies as you like. It doesn’t get any closer than this!

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Pet Policy: No pets please!


Camp Verde
4020 N. Cherry Road


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