Sedona-Based Ernie Enjoys Camping at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

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Ernie at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

September, 2015:  So I am making my first visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and am totally impressed by this place.  My peoples have parked their trailer in the National Park Service North Rim Campground, literally on the edge of the Rim.  This place is really cool.

Here we are, camped at about 8300 ft elevation, and at the edge of the Canyon Rim with a 5000 ft drop to the bottom. How cool is that?  We are within easy walking distance to the North Rim Lodge along a beautiful rim trail through some heavily forested areas covered with beautiful aspen, blue spruce, and ponderosa pine.  The only problem I have is that the peoples won’t let me go in to the Lodge.  What’s that all about?  There are some great big logs holding up the roof that are very inviting for marking my territory.  Then, I am ready to do some serious hiking, but the peoples chain me up like I am some kind of prisoner.  What’s that all about?  They don’t think that I can handle these trails without being on the end of a leash?  Don’t they realize that I have four legs, and that I am much more nimble and athletic than the two-legged, clumsy peoples restraining me?

All they want to do is take pictures of me doing cute poses on the edge of the Rim. If I hear the word “cute” one more time, I’m going to cough up my dog food.  I know that I am a good-looking, athletic, intelligent dog that is in high demand by my female counterparts, so these peoples need to let me roam a bit and do my own thing.  How can I make a move on another dog with these two peoples going everywhere I go, and keeping me on this leash?  Don’t they understand that this dog has needs that aren’t being met? I would definitely come back here, regardless of the unwelcome restraints by my peoples, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves to hike and camp.  I hear that the Lodge rooms are nice too!

If you are a senior citizen like my peoples (age 62 and up), you can purchase a National Park Pass for $10.00 and get into all of the National Parks free of charge. So it is a great deal for my peoples and ultimately, for me.

Want more information about camping at the Grand Canyon North Rim?  Check out the National Park Service website: