There’s Adventure To Be Found In Cottonwood’s Old Town, Just 25 Minutes from Sedona, Arizona

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Adventures Unlimited Books storefront

Main Street. Old Town. Cottonwood.

Once the heart of commerce for the City of Cottonwood, Old Town is celebrated as “the heart of fun” in and around Sedona and the Verde Valley. Bordered on the one end by Old Town’s Center for the Arts and the Hippie Emporium on the other, Old Town is chock-a-block full of boutique hotels, nationally and regionally acclaimed restaurants, trendy gift shops and art galleries located in the historic buildings that line Main Street. Wine tasting venues crowd the street where, once-upon-a-time, bootleggers battled it out with local law enforcement during Prohibition. In the middle of it all, one of the most unique bookstores to found regionally, state-wide, and beyond. Located in the old Cottonwood Lumber building, which is perfectly suited to the store's dual nature – Adventures Unlimited is a store literally and figuratively divided in two.

Passing through the double glass doors expect to be greeted by a couple of vintage pinball machines, that yes, are fully operational and still loads of fun. To the left, the “general bookstore,” as owner Ranney Moss routinely explains. In the bookstore business for 35 years, including a store in Sedona, every selection in the store is subject to her expert touch

Called out of retirement by her son, David Hatcher Childress, she landed in Old Town about 15 years ago. The intrepid adventurer and self-described rogue archaeologist, Childress is a recurring star on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, prolific author and publisher of Adventures Unlimited Press. The bookstore carries the full AUP catalog – books covering UFOS, Atlantis, Templars, lost cities, conspiracy theories, ancient aliens, secret societies, Tesla technology, and more – making it the most distinctive bookstore in the West.

It’s the only independent, full service bookstore from Flagstaff to Prescott, featuring New York Times best sellers, mysteries and histories, hundreds of sales books, a stellar children’s’ section, and unique gifts from around the world, many brought back from David’s travels to Central and South America, Nepal, and Thailand.

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You can’t find this adventure on Amazon. Come on in, feel free to browse, and have a chat with David’s mom.

Visit on Main Street in Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona.
Address: 1020 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. Phone: (928) 639-1664
Store Hours: 10 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday.

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Article by Terree Duncan for Gateway To Sedona.