Verde Valley, Emerald in the Desert - A Song About the Verde Valley

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Listen to our song about the Verde Valley, entitled Verde Valley, Emerald in the Desert, an original song by Victoria Oldham. Performed by Victoria Oldham (guitar) and Dianne Springfield (cello). We won first prize in the Celebrate the River Song Contest 2016!

[Verse 1]

A river winds across this desert valley,

Trees and vineyards follow where it goes.

Lush and green by summer, turning gold by fall,

This is the Verde Valley, so fair and beautiful...


Verde Valley, Verde Valley

An emerald in the desert, where the river goes,

While eagles soar above, this place I know and love,

Clarkale to Camp Verde, where the river flows.

The Verde Valley ever is my home.

[Verse 2]

Sycamores and sprawling desert willows,

Cloak the winding river with their green and golden tones,

With wildlife and birds, as the season turns,

 Round the river valley, my Arizona home.


[Verse 3]

There's Cottonwood and Clarkdale and Camp Verde,

And the quirky artsy mountain town Jerome,

Onward north to beautiful Sedona,

Where rocks with crimson hues by sunset glow.


[Verse 4]

Place of ancient glyphs and Indian ruins,

Early settler history, and mysteries to impart,

Where purple mountains rise into the azure skies,

My home the Verde Valley is forever in my heart...