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Sedona Arizona Roadside Attractions: Standin' On The Corner Park

standin on the corner bronze statue winslow arizonaBronze Statue At The Standin' On The Corner Park In Winslow Arizona.Take it easy in Winslow, Arizona, at the Standing On The Corner Park. Made up of a mural, bronze statue, and concrete corner alongside Route 66, the park is one of those quirky, quaint, and sometimes just outrageous, roadside attractions to be found throughout northern Arizona.

There on the corner you can almost hear the Eagles' hit song drifting on the gentle breeze overhead.
"Well I’m standin' on the corner In Winslow, Arizona
And such a fine sight to see.
It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford
Slowing down to take a look at me."

And there she is, blonde and beautiful, immortalized on a mural in historic downtown Winslow – staring out at the bronze statue of a guy with his guitar. Thousands of visitors take advantage of the photo op at this world famous park every year. Don’t miss the eagle perched on a window overhead and a couple in a "come on baby, don't say maybe" embrace framed by a second story window.

A Kodak moment at the The Standin' On The Corner Park is well worth a detour off the Interstate. The completely renovated and refurbished historic La Posada Hotel – one of the last Fred Harvey hotels designed by Mary Jane Coulter and built in 1929 – is a must see.

Be sure to check out the photographs of the 1930s rich and famous in La Posada’s Turquoise Room. Their signature black bean and cream corn soup alone is worth a trip to Winslow.

The Old Trails Museum across and up the street from the park features local history including the Santa Fe Railroad and Route 66.

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Winslow is approximately 90 miles from Sedona. Points of interest along Interstate 40 include the Petrified Forest National Park (east of Winslow), Homolovi State Park, and Meteor Crater. Interstate 40 is nicely accessed from Uptown Sedona through Oak Creek Canyon, or down Oak Creek Canyon from Flagstaff. Selected Sedona tour companies conduct tours to Winslow, La Posada, and pre-historic ruins and rock art found in the area.


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