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Travels With Ernie
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Miscellaneous Information

My name is Ernie and I am a Boston Terrier.  Even though some other dogs think I am somewhat homely looking, I am in fact a very talented, good looking, and intelligent dog that has some unusual and unique talents that most other dogs and some humans do not have. I am the latest addition to the Gateway To Sedona Team and I intend to make your visit to our website even more enjoyable and informative than it ever has been in the past.  I know, you are asking yourselves the question “What is a dog doing on this website?”  It’s a fair question, and certainly deserves an explanation.  Think of me as a high profile media personality similar to David Letterman, John Stewart, or Bill Marr.  The difference is that while they are just mere talk show hosts, I deal with the much more important responsibilities of showing you some of the spectacular out-of-the-way places around Sedona and Northern Arizona.  I will be taking you on some pretty cool tours to some places that most visitors probably don’t know about.

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