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Rainbow On The Way To The Grand Canyon from Sedona

Rainbow on the way to the Grand Canyon from Sedona.

Sedona, AZ: Looking for a great day trip during your stay in Sedona? We were reminded about one of the best anywhere, a trip to the Grand Canyon, when a full rainbow, and sometimes double rainbow, graced the skies over Route 64 on the way to the Grand Canyon on the last day of September. Scores of motorists pulled over all along the sides of the road trying to snap a photo of what was truly an incredible celestial spectacle.  Our photo was taken just off Route 64 and overlooks a meadow with Sitgreaves Mountain in the background, about 10 minutes outside of Williams, Arizona. Sitgreaves is located in the San Francisco volcanic fields along with Kendrick Mountain and Mount Humphreys, Arizona's largest peak.

This route to the Grand Canyon South Rim is an easy, scenic, and fun drive from Sedona. As a bonus, along the 2 1/2 - 3 hour drive, you can stop and enjoy some time in beautiful and fun downtown Williams, an historic town located along the old Route 66 made famous by fast cars and movie stars!

Begin from Uptown Sedona and take State Route 89A north, all the way up through Oak Creek Canyon (rising up 1000 feet). The scenery is indescribably magnificent and if you didn't originally enter Sedona through this "Gateway," it will be an unforgettable experience. Upon leaving Oak Creek Canyon, still on 89A, just follow signs to Flagstaff - I-17 (passing  through two traffic circles). Turn left heading for I-17 North. After 5 minutes or so (you'll be on the outskirts of Flagstaff), then take exit 340b to I-40 (heading west toward Los Angeles). You'll be on I-40 for about 30 miles or so. When you see the exit signs for the Grand Canyon, take Route 64. You can either beeline north for the Grand Canyon South Rim 60 miles up the road, or you can head the other way on 64 toward Williams, not five minutes out of your way. Enjoy a gourmet lunch with live music, local breweries, local entertainment, see cowboy reenactments on the streets, ride in horse-drawn carriages, visit shops and galleries with authentic Native American jewelry and pottery, find all kinds of fun Route 66 paraphernalia, and see the Grand Canyon Train Depot (of Polar Express fame).




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