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PJ's Village Pub

PJ's Village Pub, Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona.

PJ's Village Pub, A Popular Place for Food and Friends in Sedona, Arizona

A few times, and on the spur of the moment, we've gone to PJ's Village Pub in the Village of Oak Creek. This place is always hopping and popping at dinner time. Almost every table is filled and there's a lively, upbeat ambience throughout.  TV screens light up above the bar, pool tables, usually in play, are off to the side; walls are covered with colorful posters, neon signs, and all kinds of crazy, cool pictures and objects. The bar itself is amazing.

May 27th we were there, and ordered the grilled salmon special and the cod fish and chips.  The salmon was paired with mashed potatoes and grilled zuchini and the breaded cod was accompanied by French fries and coleslaw. Both meals were really tasty; I had the salmon and there was not a bit left on my plate at the end.  We also enjoyed a craft beer and with our dinners. It was a very nice experience.

The presentation of the food is pleasant, as is the price. Also, the service is excellent.

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The only thing one of us didn't like was the coleslaw (with the fish and chips).

Flashback to March 2016: Unplanned as well, we were there at PJ's Village Pub for dinner on St. Patrick's Day and enjoyed their delicious corned beef and cabbage special. The place was packed, and so much so we never thought we'd get a table—but we did, and even had the added fun of having a friend from the Rotary Club of Sedona join us at the table impromptu.

By the way, PJ's Happy Hour is from 3 to 6 pm, Monday to Friday; Tuesday is Karaoke Night, 8 to 11 pm. They also celebrate special events and holidays.

PJ's Village Pub is located in the Village of Oak Creek. Their address: 40 W Cortez Dr Sedona, AZ, 86351.

Any comments about PJ's? What's your experience? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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