89 Agave Restaurant

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Sonoran-style Mexican restaurant 89 Agave is located in Uptown Sedona, Arizona.

Sonoran-Style Mexican Fare at 89 Agave in Uptown Sedona Arizona

Lunch in Uptown Sedona in May means a wide variety of options, with lots of good restaurants and outside dining against a stunning red rock backdrop. Today was unusual for May in Sedona because it was a bit chilly, mostly cloudy, and raining in spots.  We decided to try inside dining at 89 Agave, a restaurant known for outstanding Mexican fare: Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Although we didn't try them on this occasion, 89 Agave is known for its top-notch margaritas. From their website: "89Agave also features an expansive copper-topped bar and an extensive selection of specialty tequilas, signature drinks and handcrafted margaritas, including a 100 percent organic Margarita that is out-of-this-world."

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So we sat down at around 11:30 am and each ordered a Mexican craft beer with our lunch which included the salad with grilled chicken and a hearty burrito with meat, shrimp, and guacamole. The presentation was very nice and we both enjoyed our meals along with the lively ambience at this location. There were lots of tourists strolling by the open doors. Inside, the restaurant was almost fully occupied by noon.

In a related story: we belong to the Rotary Club of Sedona and just held our annual Great Sedona Chili Cook-Off on May 7th to help fund our Imagination Library program which gives free books monthly to children up to age five. One of our Sedona restaurant competitors was 89 Agave. They were honored with a second place win in the event, and that after facing very tough competition against other top Sedona restaurants and judging by professional chili judges. Learn more about the Great Sedona Chili Cook-off results here.

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