Sedona Wedding - The Chapel at Tlaquepaque

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Tlaquepaque wedding, Sedona, Arizona.

If the dramatic red crimson cliffs of Sedona keep the city on the list of most beautiful places to live, then Tlaquepaque has to be on the list of most beautiful places to get married. For the past 40 years Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village has been regarded as a treasure within Sedona.

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Years from now when you are telling wonderful wedding day stories what will come to mind most vividly is the setting… and the ceremony and unique reception. If you have dreamed of a wedding in a spectacular place, and if you are looking for an absolutely stunning, romantic, I-will-always-remember-this-magical place-memory, then Tlaquepaque is the place for you.

Set in the beautiful, authentically-styled Mexican village, surrounded by huge sycamore trees, tall vine-covered stucco walls and cobblestone pathways and courtyards, the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village feels like it has been around for centuries.

Outside Mexico’s Queen City of Guadalajara is the original Tlaquepaque, a village of artists and craftsmen. The Indian name, meaning “the best of everything” inspired Abe Miller to build his own lovely village, using time-honored methods employed by the craftsmen of both Mexico and Spain. Walls are not plumb, streets are not paved, archways and niches surprise, ceramic tiles delight the eye, and fountains refresh the spirit. To this day the heart and mind of Abe Miller’s dream is beautifully intact and Tlaquepaque, The Art and Soul of Sedona, welcomes you with its warmth and charm.

The unique ambiance of Tlaquepaque and its Chapel ensures that romance is always in the air. Tlaquepaque has everything a bridal party needs for a fabulous wedding. There are several patios and an upper terrace with stunning views of Sedona’s Red Rock splendor, and all can be easily transformed into the perfect wedding reception.

Address: 336 SR 179, Sedona, AZ 86336
Tel: 928-282-4838

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