Claudia Granger, Sedona Psychic

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Claudia Granger, Sedona psychic healer.


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Claudia has had the gift of seeing between the worlds since childhood. She studied Theology to become a priest but this did not satisfy her search for answers. So she learned to trust her guides who taught her how to become a Soul-Empath; to go "in and up" along the Soul thread of a person and to see their many lives and purposes, karmas, strengths and weaknesses and life tendencies.

Spiritual Healing Arts

Throughout the years, Claudia learned many healing modalities in both hands in and hands off healing. Working with light frequencies, angels, and a team of spirit medical advisors, she is Spirit's helper, through whom healing energies flow.

Counseling & Coaching

Seeing life's patterns instills Claudia with a profound compassion for the human condition. There is so much to learn and the key is having the right attitude toward life's challenges.

Spiritual Birthing

Claudia is honored to have the ability to see what people have signed up for in this life and to remind them of what a miracle they truly are: eternal soul. From this understanding comes the clarity of life's true purpose and knowledge about karma, free will and multidimensionality. Out of this arises true self-esteem.

Spiritual Vortex Tours and Experiences

In addition to the enchanting beauty of Sedona, Claudia will help you will experience vortex energies, auras, and will enable you to meet your guides and benefit from other surprising opportunities. Tours are custom-tailored to your needs. Enjoy your session in the serene setting of Plaza Del Sol!

Sedona Wedding Ceremonies

Please inquire about custom wedding ceremonies in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

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