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Sedona Metaphysical and Spiritual

Sedona Psychics, Astrologers, Alternative Healing Practitioners, New Age Shops and Spiritual Centers

Spend enough time talking to folks in Sedona and you'll begin to hear a common theme. Some consciously came here on a spiritual "quest." Some just felt compelled to drop everything in their lives and move here for no reason at all.

Maybe you've experienced the mystical nature of Sedona yourself. From the far-out to the apparently average, people of all stripes are deeply affected by Sedona's mysterious draw, known to many as "Red Rock Fever." It's a phenomenon so common that an entire industry has bloomed in Sedona catering to those who come here for healing, clarification. or inspiration.

Sedona Astrology Forecast - November 2016

Milky Way over Elephant Rock, Sedona, Arizona.

See this month's Sedona astrology forecast by Lee of Stillwaters Astrology.

Claudia Granger, Sedona Psychic

Claudia Granger, Sedona Psychic and Soul Empath

Claudia Granger is a German Psychic Medium, Healer, and Soul Empath who teaches in Europe and the US. Her main focus is the empowerment of people to free themselves from limitations, giving them insights and tools to enhance their lives.

Mystical Bazaar

These beautiful blue crystals are to be found at Mystical Bazaar in Sedona, Arizona.

Mystical Bazaar, located in West Sedona, has been known as a seeker's paradise since 2002, offering metaphysical and new age gifts found nowhere else on earth. One can not help but to be inspired and awed by their huge variety of rare minerals, gemstones, crystals, and hand-made jewelry.

Long before the intuitives, channelers and massage therapists took up residence, long before non-native settlers broke their backs tilling Sedona's rocky soil, people from all over the Southwest regarded Sedona as a special place, reserving certain canyons for sacred activities only.

What is it about this place that has touched so many souls for thousands of years? The explanations are as diverse as the people who come here. Many attribute Sedona's special draw to the "vortexes," specific points of energetic intensity among the red rocks that affect every living thing. Some look to native theology and folklore for an explanation. There are enough UFO stories around Sedona to give even the most staunch skeptic pause.

But it could be as simple as the stunning beauty that meets the eye at every turn here in Red Rock Country. The commanding landscape seldom fails to inspire a deeper connection and reverence for the earth and the universe in people who see it for the first, or the thousandth time.

Whatever your spiritual inclinations, you're almost sure to find something that resonates with you in Sedona, and plenty of people with whom to share it.

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