The Western Gateway: An Important Key to the Future of Sedona, Arizona

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The Western Gateway To Sedona, State Route 89A from Cottonwood.

Nestled on the western end of Sedona’s city limits is a stretch of land straddling State Route 89A from just west of Sedona Red Rock High School and stretching east just beyond the Sedona Medical Center. This area is a critical component of Sedona’s future, and how it develops will play a major role in defining its destiny.

The City of Sedona, as part as its second phase of the Community Plan, is developing specific plans for thirteen different planning areas, know as Community Focus Areas. This specific Community Focus Area (CFA), known as the Western Gateway, is arguably one of the most important CFAs in the entire community.

The Western Gateway CFA Plan covers two Community Focus Areas originally identified in the Community Plan. These two CFA’s: “Cultural Park,” around the intersection of Upper Red Rock Loop Road /Cultural Park Place and the highway, and “Health Services,” around the Sedona Medical Center, are being planned together since they share many traffic and pedestrian circulation issues. The majority of the lands in this CFA are undeveloped, which makes this area unique. Sedona is 75% built out and a major portion of the remaining undeveloped land is found in this CFA.

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Some very important existing developments are found in this CFA, including Sedona Red Rock High School, the Cultural Park property, Yavapai College, and Sedona Medical Center. Most recently, ground was broken for a new Marriott Courtyard Hotel at the southeastern corner of Upper red Rock Loop Road and Highway 89A, so it is important that this plan be in place prior to other major developments coming out of the ground that would pre-empt any meaningful land use planning.

The Sedona Community Plan’s “Community Expectations” for this CFA and the Community Plan’s broader vision and goals serve as a guide for the Western Gateway CFA planning process. One key outcome of this Plan is to create a compatible land use and circulation framework that addresses the needs of the area’s property owners while providing opportunities to address community needs and provide community benefits in this unique area.

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Article by Tim Ernster for Gateway To Sedona.