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  • Sedona Arizona

See the latest photos, stories, and information about Sedona, Arizona.

Rotary Club of Sedona volunteers for State Route 89A highway trash cleanup in West Sedona.

What Makes Sedona, Arizona Tick? Volunteers!

It’s Saturday morning at 7:30 am. Highway 89A west of Sedona Red Rock High School is dotted with people in bright yellow vests, holding big blue bags and wearing orange gloves. The volunteers are scouring the landscape collecting litter tossed from the vehicles of visitors coming to and leaving Sedona.

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Tarantuals appear on roadways during summer rains in Sedona.

Summer Rains Sound Like Love to Arizona Tarantulas

The already-lazy traffic comes to a halt one damp afternoon in the town of Sedona, Arizona.

Two people are in the middle of the two-lane highway through town, holding up their hands to stop the cars and poking at something on the ground with their toes, ushering it slowly toward the curb. The drivers' irritation reflex begins to kick in, until they see the cause for the holdup. It's Arizona's version of the Boston children's classic Make Way for Ducklings - it's Make Way for Aphonopelma Chalcodes, better known to most of us as the desert tarantula.

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