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  • Sedona Arizona

See the latest photos, stories, and information about Sedona, Arizona.

Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock are the two most recognized red rock formations in Sedona.

Famous Sedona Red Rock Formations: Bell Rock vs. Cathedral Rock

While names of the red rocks are descriptive to varying degrees, there’s no doubt in your mind when you see Bell Rock which one you’re looking at. It sits just to the North of Hwy 179, between the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona, a giant Hershey’s Kiss plopped down right next to the highway. It’s often the first formation that visitors can actually get out and touch, since Hwy 179 is a major access route from I-17 to Sedona, and the crowds that pull over in the busy seasons to stroll along its base or take photos can get quite thick.

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West Sedona red rock formations, Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock.

Getting to Know Sedona Arizona

Some say it's an anagram for "anodes," proof that powerful earth energies surge and swirl around red rock canyons and spires. Actually, Sedona is the name of a woman, one of the first pioneers drawn to what was once an isolated, rough land, where carving a life from the rocky soil meant hard work and even heartbreak.

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