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See the latest photos, stories, and information about Sedona, Arizona.

The turquoise blue male mountain bluebird is a common sight in parts of Northern Arizona.

Mountain Bluebirds, Bright Jewels in Sedona and Northern Arizona

Mountain bluebirds are often seen at the higher elevations in Northern Arizona, while Western bluebirds are more commonly seen in Sedona. Mountain bluebirds take readily to properly designed, well placed nestboxes. The male is bright turquoise blue while the female is dull and better camouflaged for protection during the nesting season.

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Devil's Bridge, a natural bridge in Sedona, Arizona.

The Scenic Hike to Devil's Bridge, An Amazing Natural Bridge in Sedona, Arizona

The trail to Devil's Bridge, one of the most popular Sedona hikes, rewards the hiker with incredible red rock vistas in every direction on the way to an amazing natural sandstone bridge. The trail is fairly flat and easy until you're almost there.  Approaching the bridge, there are steep rock steps up to the lookout.

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Three pillars forming Chimney Rock in Sedona, Arizona.

Chimney Rock, Andante, and Thunder Mountain Trails - Easy to Challenging Sedona Hiking Trail Network

The Chimney Rock and Thunder Mountain Trail System in Sedona, Arizona offers the hiker many options for stitching together a customized hike to fit one's available time, preferred degree of difficulty, and distance. The trailhead is conveniently located off Thunder Mountain Road in West Sedona, and we have always been able to find a parking spot in the lot near the trailhead.

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