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See the latest photos, stories, and information about Sedona, Arizona.

Oak Creek Canyon overlook, up SR 89A from Sedona, Arizona.

The Wooded Paradise Of Oak Creek Canyon

Unlike the wondrous Grand Canyon that is the number-one attraction in Arizona, Oak Creek Canyon is intimate, accessible and enclosed. Romantic hideaways are tucked along 89A, the only road through the canyon, a winding 25-mile byway between Sedona and Flagstaff that has dazzled visitors since 1884.

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Sedona and its largest red rock formation, Thunder Mountain, comes into full view, entering from the Western Gateway and State Route 89A.

The Western Gateway: An Important Key to the Future of Sedona, Arizona

Nestled on the western end of Sedona’s city limits is a stretch of land straddling State Route 89A from just west of Sedona Red Rock High School and stretching east just beyond the Sedona Medical Center. This area is a critical component of Sedona’s future, and how it develops will play a major role in defining its destiny.

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View of the Red Rock Scenic Byway SR 179, Sedona, Arizona.

The Premier Gateway To Sedona: The Red Rock Scenic Byway, An All-American Road

Visitors winding their way from Interstate 17 along Arizona State Route 179 towards Sedona are treated to one of the more incredible scenic drives in America. Many will claim that the natural beauty along this winding road is unparalleled anywhere else in the nation. But behind all of the rolling green landscape and majestic red rocks is a story that most folks are not aware of. It’s a story about the debate and controversy surrounding the construction of this road, and a story about a community not accepting a state agency’s efficient road design geared towards the efficient movement of traffic at the perceived expense of the pristine and fragile environment.

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