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Echinopsis Cactus Blooms Overnight in Sedona, Arizona

Echinopsis cactus produces huge blooms overnight in Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, AZ:  An echinopsis cactus blooms overnight in Sedona, Arizona (April 24th) producing spectacular pink flowers. This is a cactus common to Sedona, Arizona gardens, but it is actually is a genus of cacti native to South America and it's sometimes referred to as Easter lily cactus.

These cactus flowers are surprisingly beautiful, with their massive size and sweet fragrance, especially when compared to the cactus plant they spring from—often just a single, vertically growing, solid green cactus column covered in spines.

Most echinopsis blooms open at night and last only one day. Nectar production is also at its height during the night, attracting pollinating moths. Even though the flowers don't last long, is typical for several buds on one plant to develop over a few days to weeks, extending the blooming period.


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