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Sedona feature stories include informative as well as entertaining pieces on life in Sedona, Arizona.

Sunset at Sedona Airport Overlook

Sedona Dark Skies, Part 5: Sedona Captures Elusive International Dark Skies Designation

In March 2012, the Executive Director of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) notified the Sedona Dark Skies Committee that any application from Sedona requesting International Dark Sky Designation would not be seriously considered. According to IDA officials, because the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) had installed roadway lighting in West Sedona, it disqualified Sedona from consideration for the International Dark Sky Designation. Although Sedona Chamber of Commerce, City of Sedona, and ADOT officials attempted to change their minds by pointing out that the lighting design complied with IDA standards, it didn’t work. Amid disappointment and frustration, the Dark Skies Committee was disbanded.

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