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Fun Under the Stars — Community Camp Out in Sedona Arizona

Sedona Community Camp Out provided a fun night under the stars in Sunset Park , Sedona, Arizona.Sedona Community Camp Out provided a fun night under the stars in Sunset Park , Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, AZ: From Friday June 3rd to Saturday June 4th, the City of Sedona hosted a Community Camp Out at Sunset Park in Sedona, Arizona. First time campers as well as seasoned campers enjoyed this family-fun event; for many of the kids who took part, camping is an exciting new experience!

Sunset Park offers an idyllic setting and is beautifully maintained by the City of Sedona. Despite the heat and dryness of June in Sedona, the park is a refreshing oasis with its green grassy lawn, pavillions, a children's playground with splash park (open May to September, 10 am to 6 pm daily), and nearby restrooms. Participants of the Community Camp Out set up their tents on the park's lawn for only $15 per campsite. For those who didn't have a tent, they were able to rent a tent for just $35.

A night under the Sedona stars included fun games with frisbees and balls, roasting hotdogs and s'mores over the campfire, a singalong of favorite camp songs with entertainer Shondra, and a look at planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars through telescopes provided by (and guided by) members of Astronomers of the Verde Valley.

Sedona entertainer Shondra led the singalong around the campfire, singing and playing guitar for over an hour. She brought a bag of percussion instruments like shakers, cowbells, and clavers and gave them out to the children who added to the fun with zany antics, and games like, "Who wants to be a judge?" A set of toy clappers (looking like little hands and making a clapping noise) were used to "clap" more or less to indicate how much a song was liked. Two "judges," an adult and a child in the audience, rated each song from 1 to 10. Of course, it was all in fun, but the evening's highest rated songs were: I've Been Working on the Railroad: 9.75, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, 10, and the ultimate 10, Ghost Riders in the Sky. In addition to the winning songs, other tunes in the singalong included Route 66, Moon Shadow, Proud Mary, You Are my Sunshine, Home on the Range, My Clementine, and more. This is Shondra's 3rd time leading the singalong, just one example of her many community projects. For more information about Shondra, please visit www.ShondraMusic.com.

The next morning, there was a yoga class for both children and adults, and a free breakfast brought to the park by members of the Sedona Elks Lodge. Breakfast included scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, hot coffee, donuts and juice.

All in all, the City of Sedona put on a wonderful family event, and it was a great success. It's hard to believe that everything was included for the price of $15 per campsite.

In addition to Sunset Park, there are many other wonderful parks managed by the City of Sedona. For more information, see the City of Sedona Parks and Recreation page.


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