Fireball Seen Over Sedona Arizona June 2, 2016

Contributed by Gateway To Sedona. Posted in Sedona Feature Stories

Sedona Arizona fireball object trail seen after sunrise.Sedona Arizona fireball object trail seen after sunrise.

Sedona, AZ: A fireball was seen streaking across the sky over Sedona in the early morning hours of June 2, 2016, approximately between 4 am and 4:15 am. The sky began to light up almost to the level of daylight. The fireball, the core of which appeared to be the size of a baseball from our viewpoint, was a hot white, and was actually spewing flames! There was no trail whatsoever as it flew over, but later at dawn, a strange remnant trail was observed (see photo). From our location in the Broken Arrow/Chapel area of Sedona along Scenic Byway SR 179, it appeared to be traveling in a southerly direction, and disappeared over the Elephant Rock/Twin Buttes red rock formation. Its trajectory suggested that it would be impacting very quickly but there was no sound from inside the house where it was observed, and no shaking of the building. There was also no way to guess its speed, incline, or altitude. If anyone else was fortunate enough to witness this object or video it, we would appreciate knowing additional facts. There was no way of telling if this was a meteor or some other unidentified object.

On the Gateway To Sedona Facebook page, we have a shared video of what is apparently the same fireball over Phoenix, Arizona on the morning of June 2, 2016. Also see over 100 reports at the American Meteor Society..

Sedona fireball object trail close up.Sedona fireball object trail close up.