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What is "The New Age"?

Due to their unprecedented beauty, sunsets in Sedona often give rise  to the spiritual side of existence.

The New Age is not a religion. It is a time of spiritual enlightenment on the planet; a time of letting go of old ideas, suspicions, and controls. It is a spirituality that searches for the truth and the realization that truth is not always found in a big book.

It's a belief that the truth may be different for every seeker, but still the basis for that truth is love, goodness, integrity and sincerity. It's associated with higher levels of mysticism, experimentation with orthodox beliefs and some unorthodox practices. It pretty much rejects traditional organized religions and embraces instead an individualized spirituality that includes a wide range of alternative philosophies. Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Rosicrucian all seem to enter into the mix. There is even a little Christianity and Judaism thrown in.

The more a person is connected to his own soul, the more he can do for the enlightenment of humanity. The "New Ager" learns to depend on his own inner divinity and the innate wisdom of the Almighty Power in everything, everywhere. Buddha said "Rely on yourselves, do not rely on external help." Christ also said, "Search for the truth and the truth will set you free."

In Sedona there is a tolerance that allows us to follow our own path be it religious, or spiritual or a combination - with God, without God, with Allah, without Allah.

The whole evolution of humanity is based on reliance on individual efforts. Dependency weakens that evolution. Consider that thousands are misled by those who misuse the names of great teachers for their own aspirations and by those who present themselves as channeling mediums or prophets who have not yet developed the real ability they claim they possess and have not been able to let go of the almighty ego.

In Sedona there is a psychic on every corner. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were all real. It is important for the "New Ager" to stay positively focused on the principles of truth, abolition of the ego, developing unconditional love for mankind regardless of religious preference or geographical origin and to achieve a close union with the "real" psychic self.

The New Age person focuses on the positive solution and rejects the idea of negative punishment. No devil? Whom will we blame? We learn to love by facing and transforming the hatred and fear within us and teach by example rather than authority. When we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, it then becomes easy to love and tolerate differences in us. The world has had thousands of years of control-based theologies that demand and prescribe hatred, envy and inhumanity, but how selfless is their doctrine and does their flock really understand why - or are they just following out of habit and righteousness?

New Age spirituality is about becoming what we love about God, Jesus or Buddha. It's not about blame and abolishing evil forces. In Sedona there is a tolerance that allows us to follow our own path be it religious, or spiritual or a combination - with God, without God, with Allah, without Allah. I think the goal for most of us is to live in comfort, joy, love and peace. And we need to find these things in ourselves or experience the life that we discover without them.

Whatever path we choose, the lessons will eventually be learned, at least in some lifetime. Do the vortexes of Sedona help with this enlightenment? I think yes. The beauty of the landscape, the re-union with nature and mother earth, the intense energy of the sacred sites, seem to instill something in our soul we may have forgotten exists. And then there is the increased psychic knowingness that seems to flourish here because it is accepted as somewhat normal. Sedona draws more visitors on a Spiritual Quest than any place on earth. Unlike Lourdes, the emphasis is on creating your own healing and your own miracles rather than depending on outside forces to change your life or scare you into believing.. No matter what our beliefs, a trip to Sedona will put something magical back into our lives and our hearts.


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