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Sedona Airport Overlook Offers Amazing Views

Tourists gather at the Sedona Airport Overlook, 500 feet above West Sedona.Tourists gather at the Sedona Airport Overlook, 500 feet above West Sedona.

The Sedona Airport Overlook is 500 feet above the center of West Sedona and State Route 89A. There are spectacular views of iconic Sedona red rocks like Thunder Mountain (also called "Grayback"), Coffee Pot Rock, Cockscomb, Chimney Rock, Sugarloaf, and Mingus Mountain.

Sunset is the optimal time to go for the best viewing or photos, but often the most dramatic photos are taken about 5 minutes after sundown or later. If the cloud formations are nice—especially during the monsoon season of July to September—the views and photos can be over-the-top amazing.

Sunset at Sedona Airport Overlook can be exceptionally dramatic.

At the top of Sedona Airport Mesa is an easily accessed parking lot adjacent to the overlook. It's possible to find yourself in a large crowd of tourists at times, but there's usually a good spot where you can get a clear shot with your camera. Just to be sure, arrive 30 minutes before sunset and bring your own chair.

Sunset at Sedona Airport Mesa in August.

If you're into night sky photography, this is also a great place to be. Consider staying at Sky Ranch Lodge right next to the Sedona Airport Overlook to make your night photography project as convenient as possible.

Sedona Airport Overlook in June.


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