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Sedona Weather Forecast


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Sedona, Arizona weather is ideal, with four mild seasons, lots of sunshine and fresh, clean mountain air. The annual average high and low temperatures are 74.7 and 45.7 degrees, making it perfect for vacationing and sightseeing year round.

Photographers especially love "monsoon" season, beginning in July and running throughout August. During this time, summer thunderstorms build quickly in the afternoon. Immense lenticular cloud formations may be accented by double rainbows and spectacular displays of lightning.

Winter snowfall is exceptionally beautiful in Sedona; imagine towering red spires elegantly frosted in white, while great pillars of clouds and mist rise from the ground. Spring and fall are great times to visit Sedona, as the weather is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, air and jeep tours, and sightseeing. Bird and nature watching is at its peak in spring; taking in the colorful wildflowers and changing hues of Oak Creek Canyon is an unforgettable experience in the fall.

An abundance of clear, evening skies make stargazing one of Sedona's most popular pastimes, with amateur and professional astronomers presenting skywatching programs to visitors thoughout the year.  See our Sedona Dark Skies series to learn how Sedona, Arizona became one of only a handful of International Dark Sky Association cities in the world.

Photo:  West Sedona view from the Sedona Airport Loop Trail following a January snowfall: Thunder Mountain (Sedona's highest red rock peak) and Coffee Pot Rock tower over homes and businesses along State Route 89A.


West Sedona view following a January snowfall: Thunder Mountain (Sedona's highest red rock peak) and Coffee Pot Rock.


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