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On The Road To Sedona - Song

On The Road To Sedona 

Original song written and performed by Victoria Oldham
(song copyrighted 2017, all rights reserved)


On the road to Sedona
In my heart, the only way I know
On the road to Sedona
Following my hopes and dreams I go

For so long, I felt uncertain
Imagining that everywhere’s the same
I was chained to my vocation
Lost in life, with no one else to blame

Traveling ‘cross Northern Arizona
first time in this magic red rock place
captivated by my first  impression
one my thoughts never could erase


Going down the canyon I’m reflecting,
on people in my life and where I’ve been
I finally see the light and hear the calling
and my inspiration once again

Aspiring as a poet or a painter
Discouraged in the past I never tried
Following my dream in desperation ,
now I know my passion never died


I’m not young, but I’m ready
I can be whoever I will be
and so I make this promise and commitment
as I reach my final destiny


And as I cross the Gateway To Sedona
The past is gone and fortune waits for me
Red rock spires rising up to greet me
There’s no other place for me

On the road to Sedona
In my heart, the only way I see
On the road to Sedona
Sedona is the only home for me

Sedona is home sweet home to me



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