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The Tao Healing Method Course Launches at Sedona Mago Retreat

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Anecdotal reports of people experiencing relief from chronic back pain and other seemingly intractable pain conditions are commonplace at Sedona Mago Retreat (SMR) in Sedona, Arizona. This may seem too good to be true, but the people who have taken retreats at SMR based on Tao principles offer simple and practical stories of their experiences.

J. Sung recently took part in a retreat and says, “I came to Sedona Mago Retreat with a very poor body condition. My energy was too weak to get me back on track physically. Having the luxury of focusing on myself and using my body effectively through the energy movements and meditations made a complete change in my physical condition...”
Sayong Kim is Senior Trainer, Tao Master, and COO of SMR and will be the lead instructor for the new Tao Healing Method course. Sayong started practicing Tao Energy Healing in Korea more than two decades ago. Within two and a half months of starting, he experienced self-healing of painful sciatica neuralgia, a back condition that had plagued him for over ten years. Inspired by his own amazing recovery, Sayong made up his mind to expand his knowledge and became a Tao Healing Instructor. Showing people how they can enhance their own health and happiness is his greatest passion. For 20 years he has worked with thousands of people, many of whom were suffering from physical difficulties or emotional distress. He feels that oftentimes people don’t realize that their lifestyle—and the way they eat, sleep, walk or stand, contributes to their pain and unhappiness.

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Sayong says, “There are many things we can do to experience self-healing. By delving in and discovering the root of a problem, we will learn to heal every dimension of our lives and physical issues can be diminished or transformed.”

The Tao Healing Method, a 6-day course, will be offered on March 27 – April 1, June 14 – 19, September 25 – 30, and November 6 - 11. It will be taught by Sayong and other experienced Tao Healing Instructors, who do not take credit for the healing experiences reported by their students. Rather, they teach others how to consciously engage the practices that will open their own healing channels and infuse their bodies with the ultimate life energy (known as ki, chi, or qi).

Sedona Mago Retreat is located on 163 acres of beautifully landscaped land and was designed and built to work with the healing energy of Sedona. For more information, visit the SMR website at www.sedonamagoretreat.org/tao-healing-method/