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See the latest photos, stories, and information about Sedona, Arizona.

The Ringtail Cat, Arizona State Mammal, also lives in the Sedona area.

The Ringtail Cat — Arizona State Mammal at Home in Sedona

Shout it out if you can name Arizona's State Mammal! Coyote? Good guess, but wrong. Mountain Lion? Fearsome, but no. Javalina? Mule Deer? Antelope? Antel-nope! Feel like you've run out of Arizona mammals? Shame on you! How can you forget Bassariscus astusus, the lithe little critter that 'round these parts we call the Ringtail Cat?

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Sedona Mystic and Hog Trail System Provides A Unique Experience For Hikers and Bikers

Sedona Mystic and Hog Trail System Provides A Unique Experience For Hikers and Bikers

The Mystic and Hog Trail system in Sedona, Arizona offers stunning views of the red rocks through the twisting junipers and pinions, while at the same time giving the hiker a feeling of solitude and peace, and an escape from the hoard of tourists that invade Sedona every day of the week.

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San Francisco Peaks by photographer Ted Grussing.

Earthquakes in Sedona and Beyond

Sedona and Northern Arizona are high desert places filled with magnificent, other-worldly rock formations. Many were created by the effects of erosion and tectonic movement over vast stretches of time; others, monuments of ages past, are the result of sudden, violent forces, such as volcanic eruptions. I thought about this topic while reflecting on a recently asked question: “Do we experience earthquakes here in Sedona?” The answer is: “Yes! Sometimes…”

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Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona Architectural Landmark

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a church built into the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. It was originally a gift from artist and philanthropist Marguerite Brunswig Staude. People of all denominations from all over the world come to offer prayers, light a candle, and marvel at the building's distinctive architecture and astounding panoramic red rock vistas.

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On The Road To Sedona - Song

On The Road To Sedona 

Original song written and performed by Victoria Oldham
(song copyrighted 2017, all rights reserved)


On the road to Sedona
In my heart, the only way I know
On the road to Sedona
Following my hopes and dreams I go

For so long, I felt uncertain
Imagining that everywhere’s the same
I was chained to my vocation
Lost in life, with no one else to blame

Traveling ‘cross Northern Arizona
first time in this magic red rock place
captivated by my first  impression
one my thoughts never could erase


Going down the canyon I’m reflecting,
on people in my life and where I’ve been
I finally see the light and hear the calling
and my inspiration once again

Aspiring as a poet or a painter
Discouraged in the past I never tried
Following my dream in desperation ,
now I know my passion never died


I’m not young, but I’m ready
I can be whoever I will be
and so I make this promise and commitment
as I reach my final destiny


And as I cross the Gateway To Sedona
The past is gone and fortune waits for me
Red rock spires rising up to greet me
There’s no other place for me

On the road to Sedona
In my heart, the only way I see
On the road to Sedona
Sedona is the only home for me

Sedona is home sweet home to me


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