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See the latest photos, stories, and information about Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona Arizona Nature and Wildlife: northern cardinal holiday ornament

Sedona Arizona 2017 Holiday Ornament - Northern Cardinal

Sedona Arizona Nature & Wildlife: first porcelain ornament in planned series of Sedona birds and animals painted by Gateway To Sedona's founder, Victoria Oldham. Original watercolor painting of a male northern cardinal adapted to fire on white porcelain with ribbon to hang. See our article on the northern cardinal in Sedona, Arizona.

  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 2.87"
    • Thickness: 0.156"
    • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Made of white porcelain

Limited production until Dec 31, 2017 after which no more are available (working on next year's design, to be unveiled in January). $25 each, with tax and shipping additional (will send a PayPal invoice to cover tax and shipping following purchase -- ornament shipped following receipt). Please allow 10 days from time of purchase (extra for faster shipping). Personalized ornaments (name or names on back); also, multiple ornament discounts available - please call Victoria: 928-282-4326.


Ornament design - original watercolor, decorative painting by Victoria Oldham, close-up:

cardinal design 2017 by victoria oldham 800w2

Copyright © 2017

Northern cardinal sings Cheer Cheer Cheer near the Sedona Scenic Byway Webcam just off SR 179, Sedona, Arizona.

Above: The northern cardinal sings "Cheer, Cheer, Cheer," near its nest in the Chapel area of Sedona, Arizona. It is a common bird around Sedona, but generally rare in the Western states.

On The Road To Sedona

On The Road To Sedona - Sedona Arizona music video and sing-along

Visitors to Sedona have long been drawn by the amazing scenery and distinctive beauty of the area, but those who move here talk of something more. This song tries to express that singular yearning and mystical draw that goes beyond the ordinary—an unfathomable attraction echoed by many artists, musicians, and authors who live and work here.

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The Ringtail Cat, Arizona State Mammal, also lives in the Sedona area.

The Ringtail Cat — Arizona State Mammal at Home in Sedona

Shout it out if you can name Arizona's State Mammal! Coyote? Good guess, but wrong. Mountain Lion? Fearsome, but no. Javalina? Mule Deer? Antelope? Antel-nope! Feel like you've run out of Arizona mammals? Shame on you! How can you forget Bassariscus astusus, the lithe little critter that 'round these parts we call the Ringtail Cat?

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Sedona Mystic and Hog Trail System Provides A Unique Experience For Hikers and Bikers

Sedona Mystic and Hog Trail System Provides A Unique Experience For Hikers and Bikers

The Mystic and Hog Trail system in Sedona, Arizona offers stunning views of the red rocks through the twisting junipers and pinions, while at the same time giving the hiker a feeling of solitude and peace, and an escape from the hoard of tourists that invade Sedona every day of the week.

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San Francisco Peaks by photographer Ted Grussing.

Earthquakes in Sedona and Beyond

Sedona and Northern Arizona are incredible high desert places filled with magnificent, other-worldly rock formations. Many were created by the effects of erosion and tectonic movement over vast stretches of time; others, monuments of ages past, are the result of sudden, violent forces, such as volcanic eruptions. I thought about this topic while reflecting on a recently asked question: “Do we experience earthquakes here in Sedona?” The answer is: “Yes! Sometimes…”

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