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Sedona Red Rock Scenic Byway Webcam Live Sedona Views!

Presenting as-it-happens, live, real-time camera views of Sedona. SEE A NEW VIEW EVERY MINUTE! Chimes on the camera mount help to indicate wind velocity. Turn up your sound to hear singing birds and wind chimes.

Please wait for the live camera feed to load OR REFRESH YOUR PAGE IF YOU DON'T SEE IT RIGHT AWAY. And check the latest Sedona weather forecast.

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On the Road to Sedona

(Original song written and performed by Gateway To Sedona's Victoria Oldham)

On the road to Sedona
In my heart, the only way I know
On the road to Sedona
Following my hopes and dreams I go

For so long, I felt uncertain
Imagining that everywhere’s the same
I was chained to my vocation
Lost in life, with no one else to blame

Traveling ‘cross Northern Arizona
first time in this magic red rock place
captivated by my first  impression
one my thoughts never could erase

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Enjoy Our Sedona Arizona Photos - Red Rock Scenic Megaviews!

Presenting our beautiful photos taken around Sedona Arizona. Hover over each photo to stop the slide show, or click the arrows each side to move to the next slide.

Check the latest Sedona weather forecast.

About the Sedona Red Rock Scenic Byway Webcam - Live Views of Sedona Arizona

Gateway To Sedona now includes live webcam views on its website, featuring famous rock formations along the Sedona Red Rock Scenic Byway, State Route 179, the most popular route connecting Sedona to Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona.

In addition to the geologic wonders hugging the Scenic Byway as it winds its way into the heart of Sedona, by looking at the live, streaming camera images, one can quickly assess the best route to Sedona during its busiest times.

Spring and fall often find Sedona packed with tourists, especially during special events such as the ever-growing and popular festivals held at Tlaquepaque and in Uptown Sedona.  Traffic into Sedona can be quite heavy during these times, often riddled with clogs and backups. A glance at the cars moving down the Sedona Scenic Byway will quickly inform one of any potential delays.

Other routes into Sedona (from Interstate 17) include State Route 89A through Oak Creek Canyon (one lane either way, but an unforgettable scenic drive) and Route 260 through Cottonwood and onto two-lane State Route 89A, the Western Gateway to Sedona.

Victoria Oldham, co-owner of Gateway To Sedona, adds, "This is the best robotic tourism camera available, and much like the one used on the Space Needle in Seattle or Times Square in New York City.  It will not only show real-time traffic and weather, but also the sunrises and sunsets, which can be beyond belief in this part of Sedona. Would-be visitors will also have a good impression of the real Sedona because this area is more like the surrounding wilderness, and not as congested with homes and businesses."

In addition to the Sedona Scenic Byway (SR 179), more than ten major red rock formations are visible in this webcam, including Elephant Rock and the Saddle (close up), Cathedral Rock, Mingus Mountain (7,815 ft elevation), Sedona Airport Mesa, Sedona Airport Vortex, Thunder Mountain, Wilson Mountain, Finn Rock, red rock formations stretching toward Uptown Sedona, and a variety of beautiful spires lining the Mogollon Rim.  Early mornings often show colorful hot air balloons rising and decending over Airport Mesa and Cathedral Rock.  There is also a view of the greenbelt along Oak Creek, and in autumn, viewers can enjoy the beauty of changing autumn leaves.

Camera Installation by Alun Wile of NicholsPCHelp.com.

For more information, contact Gateway To Sedona Publishers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Verde Valley, Emerald in the Desert

Listen to our song about the Verde Valley, entitled Verde Valley, Emerald in the Desert, an original song by Victoria Oldham. Performed by Victoria Oldham (guitar) and Dianne Springfield (cello). We won first prize in the Celebrate the River Song Contest 2016!




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