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    The Javelina - Sedona, Arizona's Famous Pig-Like Desert Dweller

    Javelina, the Collared Peccary in Sedona Arizona.

    They're hairy, stinky, and downright adorable! Meet the Javelina, Sedona's famous pig-like desert dweller. Otherwise known as the Collared Peccary, the Javelina is one of three species of New World peccaries. They look like small, very hairy pigs, with bulky bodies perched on short legs with dainty three-toed hooves. Their hair is long and bristly, with spiky ruffs around their necks and sometimes on top of their heads. Baby javelina, or piglings, look a little more like domestic piglets, plus a lot of hair.

    They're Back! The Invasion of the Javelinas

    Javelinas cross the road with hair raised at the presence of our dog.

    One of the most likely wildlife encounters one can expect while visiting or hiking in Sedona will be with the javelina, also known as the collared peccary. They are ubiquitous in red rock country, and if you see one, there are most likely five, six or more close by. Beware if there are javelina mothers with babies!

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