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    by Sedona author Jim Bishop

    A Stunning Taste of Nature

    Within - aerial photo by Sedona photographer Ted Grussing

    Read this wonderful piece about the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness written by celebrated Sedona author Jim Bishop, exclusively for Gateway To Sedona, entitled Stunning Taste of Nature.

    Catching Red Rock Fever, Sedona Style

    Nuns and Twin Buttes, Sedona Arizona

    Sedona author Jim Bishop writes about people who have left Sedona, and how they long for Sedona Red Rock country looking back.

    The Vortex Riddle, Other World of Sedona Arizona

    Cathedral Rock is purportedly one of the main vortex sites in Sedona Arizona.

    Thousands of years ago, only Native Americans knew this desert expanse with its rocks and creeks and canyons where they lived, fought and died on what they called their sacred land—what is now Sedona, “The Land of Fire." Traditionally sacred to all tribes of Turtle Island (North America), they came for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to seek a vision the Great Spirit might have for their lives.

    Where Even The Sheep Have it Made - Reflections by Sedona Author Jim Bishop

    Sheep at Briar Patch Inn, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona Arizona

    Near the banks of fabled Oak Creek, not far from busy uptown Sedona, Arizona, and not far off the highway by car or by foot, one faces a deluge of beauty that at once arouses the senses and surprises anyone who has been deprived of beauty for far too long.

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