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Lanning, a Bryant Nagel Gallery

Art Gallery
Contact Address: 431 SR 179, Hozho, A1-2, Sedona, AZ 86336
Tel: 928-282-6865 (mention "GatewayToSedona.com" when you call)


Inquire: 928-282-6865

Founded in 1986, Lanning, a Bryant Nagel Gallery, has established itself as the major Classic and Contemporary Fine Art gallery in Sedona, Arizona. The gallery's unique casual sophistication features the finest works of art in original oil, acrylic, watercolor, contemporary sculpture, art glass, ceramics, handmade hand-painted furniture, and exquisite jewelry.

Landscape Painters

Mark Gould, Johnathan Harris, Gerald C. Moore, Marshall Noice, Anna Pales, Cynthia Reid, Patty Ripley, Hans Schiebold, Slava TCH, Bill Woolway

Figurative Painters

Ted CoConis, Shang Ding, James Gill, Jonathan Howard, Randall LaGro, Alexandra Nechita, Bill Rane (1927-2005), Alfred Rogoway (1900-1990), Bill Woolway (1919-2016)

Abstract Painters

Richard Bruland, Gregory Deane, Ellen de Jongh, Elisabett Gudmann, C. Gregory Gummersall, Homare Ikeda, David Johns, Tamas Kander, Randall LaGro, Alexandra Nechita, Patty Ripley

Sculpture / Ceramics

Adam Aaronson, Anne Andersson, Paul Braun, Eric Richard Cactus, Kathleen Caricof, Kim Chavez, Robert Cherry, Bill Colligen, Patrick Shia Crabb, Chris Deverill, Chet Eskey (1926-2012), Elizabeth Frank, Antonia Gallegos, Nina Scott-Hansen, Howard Hitchcock (1927-2016), Dixie Jewett, Phil Lichtenhan, Bob Smith, Randi Solin, Russ Vogt, Roger Wood

Fine Art Jewelry

Michael Grant, Victor Yurivilca

Specific details

Shows and Exhibits: Ongoing exhibits, 1st Friday in the Galleries



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