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  • Cathedral Rock, the Sedona Vortex, and Red Rock Crossing

Cathedral Rock, the Sedona Vortex, and Red Rock Crossing

Cathedral Rock blue and gold at sunset.

If you've seen a picture of Sedona, you've probably seen a picture of Cathedral Rock. We'll even go out on a limb and guess that you've seen a picture of Cathedral Rock from the vantage point of Red Rock Crossing, showing the incredible juxtaposition of red rock, mirror-like water, crayon-blue sky and soft sage greens that typifies the perfect Sedona scene.

Let's say you have just one afternoon to spend in Sedona, Red Rock Crossing just might give you the most bang for your red rock hiking, vortex seeking, creek splashing buck. Trailheads starting at Crescent Moon Ranch offer two short, easy hiking options to do it all, with once-in-a-lifetime views, and one extends into a more rigorous trek up Cathedral Rock itself.

The Sedona Vortex at Cathedral Rock

The vortex energy of this area is said to be "feminine," (characterized by concepts like softness, receptiveness and compassion) and reportedly is at its strongest right on the creek, at its closest to the rock formation.

A note to serious golfers: Sedona Golf Resort holds the distinction of having the best view of Cathedral Rock from a golf course. Seriously. It's worth the greens fees just to sit in the cart and gawk. This view is from the opposite side of the formation, from the Village of Oak Creek. There are also a couple of trails from this side, one at the end of the Verde Valley School Road, and starting in the "Back-o-Beyond" development just off Hwy 179. Check in with the Red Rock District Ranger Station for more detailed information on hikes and other activities.

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Article by Sarah Horton.

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