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Sedona Astrology Forecast - October 2016

milky way over elephant rock sedona

Sedona Astrology Forecast by Stillwaters Astrology

October 2016

October 7th:  Mercury enters Libra at 12:56 am PDT. Mercury arrives in the diplomatic air sign of Libra contributing balance and detente for mass communications during the next 17 days of political campaigns in the United States before handing the election baton to Scorpio.
October 15th:  Full Moon in Aries / Libra at 9:23 pm PDT. The first Full Moon of Autumn is a powerful Super Moon in the Cardinal signs of Aries / Libra at 23 deg 14 min. Those with natal planets near 23 degrees in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will experience the effects of the Full Moon conjoining Uranus, the planet of liberation within one degree. Be prepared for freedom.
October 18th: Venus enters Sagittarius at 12:01 am PDT. Lady Venus the planet of art, beauty, resources and values arrives in the higher minded sign of Sagittarius delivering messages of truth and justice during the final 21 days leading up to the November 8th election day.
October 22nd:  Sun enters Scorpio at 4:46 pm PDT.  The Sun arrives in the clandestine sign of Scorpio as the United States prepares for increased power struggles, propaganda and behind the scenes secret deal making as we prepare for the completion of the November 8th elections.
October 24th: Mercury enters Scorpio at 1:47 pm PDT.  The messenger planet completes in the sign of Libra after 17 days as it dives into the murky depths of Scorpio with 15 days remaining for the USA Election Day.
October 30th: New Moon in Scorpio at 10:38 am PDT. The darkness of the New Moon in Scorpio at 7 deg 44 min on Halloween Eve prepares politicians and voters in the USA for tricks and treats on Election Day. To paraphrase sports pundits: “We won’t know the results until the Statue of Liberty sings.”

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