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Hummingbirds — Tiny Wonders in Sedona Arizona

Even living in Arizona, the state with the second most hummingbird species in the U.S. (Texas has the most), you still feel lucky whenever you see a hummingbird.

They're like happy omens, tiny winged assurances that beauty, mystery and joy are alive and well. Their iridescent colors, delicate bodies and impossibly speedy flight have captured our imaginations for as long as we've shared the land with them.

The Hopi considered hummingbirds as emissaries to the Gods, flitting into the beyond to intercede on man's behalf, particularly when we needed rain.

Spring through late summer are the best times to spot most of the 15 hummingbird species that live in or migrate through Arizona.

The Black Chinned, Broad Billed, Rufous, Costa's and Anna's Hummingbirds are just a few that you might see in the Verde Valley.

Popular feeders can attract what seems like a swarm of these tiny birds, showing off their feisty attitudes as well as their amazing beauty.

Don't miss the annual Sedona Hummingbird Festival.

Article by Sarah Horton.


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