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Enjoy beautiful and interesting Sedona and Northern Arizona photos, and comment on your experience as it relates to the pictures posted here.

Tuzigoot National Monument in Clarkdale, Arizona.
Cathedral Rock is considered the location of a major vortex in Sedona, Arizona.
Imagine the bliss of a cool morning jog or hike through magnificent red rock scenery.
V-Bar-V petroglyphs near Sedona, Arizona, are shown at summer solstice and attributed to the Sinagua Indians.
The night blooming Sacred Datura is a common summer wildflower and a favorite of the five-lined hawk moth in Sedona.  You can see the moths hovering about the flowers as dusk, as if they are noctural hummingbirds.
Trail leading back to the Visitor Center at Red Rock State Park.
Agave plants bask in the winter sun along the Courthouse Butte trail in Sedona.
A lone red penstemon surprises us! There's snow on the juniper trees in the background.
Photographer David Sunfellow sent us this photo on December 16, adding, "I was up on Airport Mesa soaking up the fresh air and breathtaking views."
Sedona homes are dwarfed by snow-dusted red rocks in this rare Sedona, Arizona snowfall.  Photo taken by co-publisher, Chuck Oldham.
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