Sedona Photo Blog

Enjoy beautiful and interesting Sedona and Northern Arizona photos, and comment on your experience as it relates to the pictures posted here.

Colorful poppies are seen growing wild along the road in Sedona, Arizona.
The sound of bubbling water greets park guests at the landscaped front entrance to the Visitor Center at Red Rock State Park.
Agave plants bask in the winter sun along the Courthouse Butte trail in Sedona.
A lone red penstemon surprises us! There's snow on the juniper trees in the background.
At sunset, Sedona's red rocks can glow with the most beautiful red-orange hues.  Such a moment is forever captured.
Distant view of Cathedral Rock following a winter storm. At left, a wall of the Chapel of the Holy Cross.
Midgley Bridge is located along Hwy 89A, heading north through Oak Creek Canyon. After you cross the bridge, you'll see a parking lot to your left where you can view Oak Creek winding towards Sedona.
This spectacular snow scene was photographed on a sunny February day along Dry Creek Road, Sedona, Arizona.
This beautiful monsoon sunset is typical of the skies over Sedona in late summer.
The night blooming Sacred Datura is a common summer wildflower and a favorite of the five-lined hawk moth in Sedona.  You can see the moths hovering about the flowers as dusk, as if they are noctural hummingbirds.
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