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The Latest from Stillwaters Astrology - April 2015

April 4th: Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra/Aries at 5:05 am PDT. The first Full Moon of spring is the first of two Total Lunar Eclipses that coincides with Passover and arrives one day before Easter Sunday.  Those with chart angles or planets between 11 to 17 degrees in the Cardinal Signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn will experience completions and new opportunities on the other side of this lunar event.
April 8th:  Jupiter stations direct at 9:58 am PDT. Ebullient Jupiter steps forward in the fire sign of Leo at 12 deg 36 min after four months of retrograde. Jupiter’s direct motion in Leo supports the events initiated by the April 4th Total Lunar Eclipse.
April 11th: Venus enters Gemini at 8:29 am PDT. Venus arrives in fickle Gemini and is challenged by an exact opposition from a transiting Saturn in retrograde on April 14th just one day before income tax day in the USA.
April 14th: Mercury enters Taurus at 3:52 pm PDT. The planet of communications enters the material sign of Taurus accenting decisions regarding resources and values on the eve of income tax day.
April 16th:  Pluto stations retrograde at 8:51 pm PDT. Pluto reverses direction in Capricorn at 15 deg 33 min after seven months of transformative motion in partnership with transiting Uranus in Aries.

April 18th: New Moon in Aries at 11:57 am PDT.  Today’s New Moon arrives in the final two degrees of Aries fueling visionary initiatives for the remainder of the spring season.
April 20th:  Sun enters Taurus at 2:42 am PDT. The Sun arrives in Taurus to bring the initiatives and visions of the Aries New Moon into practical forms for beneficial down to earth practical use.
April 30th: Mercury enters Gemini at 7:00 pm PDT.  Mercury completes the month of April with a homecoming arrival in its own native sign of Gemini. Mercury will pause and step back into retrograde at 13 deg 18 min on May 18th at 6:50 pm in preparation for Memorial Day.


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