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The Latest from Stillwaters Astrology - July 2014

July 1st: Mercury turns direct in Gemini.  A collective sigh of relief ushers in the second half of 2014 as
Mercury steps forward after 23 days of retrograde in June. As if on queue, Mercury’s most recent retrograde period
insisted that we take time to digest and integrate the effects of the spring season’s powerful transits.
July 12th: Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer and Mercury enters Cancer.  The first Full Moon of the summer season in the northern hemisphere initiates the first of three consecutive Super Full Moons during July, August, and September.  A “Super Moon” is distinguished by its “perigee” or close proximity in orbiting the Earth.  Super Moons magnify the lunar effects of human emotions, seismic activity, and weather patterns.  Family traditions and transitions are also highlighted by this Full Moon in the Cancer cycle.  Mercury’s arrival in Cancer on July 12th further underscores the qualities of today’s Full Moon:  For every completion there will be a new beginning.
July 16th: Jupiter enters Leo.  For the first time in twelve years exuberant Jupiter returns to the sign of Leo where it will be the life of the party during the next year. Jupiter’s expansive nature can produce over extension in risks, socializing, and spending, so temper actions with wisdom.
July 18th: Venus enters Cancer.  Lady Venus arrives in the nurturing sign of Cancer lending her grace to help calm and sooth the peak events of this year’s solar cycle in Leo.
July 20th: Saturn stations direct in Scorpio. Saturn turns direct for the first time since March 2nd.  The planet of authority will complete the year in the sign of Sagittarius near the winter Solstice.
July 21st: Uranus stations retrograde in Aries.  Transiting Uranus steps back in Aries to continue its square dance with Pluto in Capricorn resulting in yet another transformational exact square between 12 and 13 degrees of longitude in the Cardinal Signs by mid December 2014.
July 22nd: Sun enters Leo.  The annual Leo solar cycle begins with a close conjunction to Jupiter in Leo for the first time in twelve years.  The Leo cycle represents a creative period each year characterized by r the arts, crafts, and music.
July 25th: Mars enters Scorpio.  Mars completes an eight month tour in the sign of Libra today including three months retrograde beginning on March 1st.  Mars will activate both Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries during the last two weeks of August. The alignments of these three planets during July and August could heighten international tensions.
July 26th: New Moon in Leo.  This month’s New Moon in Leo closely conjoins with Jupiter in Leo during a rare rendezvous that is very fortunate for beginning new initiatives.
July 31st: Mercury enters Leo.  Fleet footed Mercury covers three signs in a single month: Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. Mercury arrives in Leo on the final day of July, and will partner with the Sun and Jupiter in Leo during the first eight days of August.


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