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The Latest from Stillwaters Astrology - June 2015

June 2nd: Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini at 9:19 am PDT.  The final Full Moon of the spring season partners with Mercury and Mars in the communicative sign of Gemini.
June 5th: Venus enters Leo at 8:32 am PDT.  Lady Venus arrives in the regal fire sign of Leo for an extended visit of four months spanning the entire summer season and into early autumn. Art & Heart are central summer themes as Venus reigns on the Leo stage.
June 11th: Mercury turns direct in Gemini at 3:32 pm PDT.  Mercury steps forward at 4 deg 33 min after 24 days in retrograde. The fleet footed messenger planet will gain momentum in Gemini on the heels of the Sun and Mars as these two fiery planets prepare to enter the sign of Cancer leaving Mercury to finish the last 21 degrees of Gemini on its own.
June 12th: Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces at 7:02 am PDT.  Mystical Neptune reverses direction in its native sign of Pisces for the next five months. Those with planets or chart angles near 5-10 degrees in Pisces will be revisited by the mists of Neptune in the course of the next 10 months.
June 16th: New Moon in Gemini at 7:05 am PDT.  The New Moon of June in Gemini at 25 deg 7 min closely conjoins transiting Mars in Gemini within a single degree. Transiting Mars will activate events throughout the global village this month.
June 21st: Summer Solstice/Sun enters Cancer at 9:37 am PDT.  Summer officially arrives as the Sun enters zero degrees of Cancer with transiting Mars in Gemini catalyzing international events within 2 degrees of a conjunction to the Sun.
June 24th:  Chiron retrogrades in Pisces at 4:36 am/Mars enters Cancer at 6:32 am PDT.  Chiron, the wounded physician, takes a summer vacation for the next six months as it retraces its steps in the sign of Pisces. Transiting Mars applies his energies in a square aspect to the Moon’s Nodes in Aries/Libra from today through the first of July initiating or completing relationships.


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