Sedona Photo Gallery

Enjoy our Sedona Photo Gallery! Our large collection of pictures of Sedona and the region have been taken over the past ten years by multiple Sedona photographers and contributors.  If this is your first time here, please wait as the gallery is loading.

Sedona - Rolling out the Red Carpet - to Hikers!
Sedona - Rolling out the Red Carpet - to Hikers!
In Praise of the Arizona Raven
Ravens are members of the crow family. They can be distinguished from your run-of-the-mill crow by their larger size, thick beaks, wedge shaped tail, and shaggy ruff of neck feathers.
Snoopy Rock, Sedona Arizona
Snoopy Rock, a favorite among Red Rocks in Sedona.
Beautiful Sedona Sunset
The red rocks glow with orange hues for a few minutes at sunset in Sedona.
View From Slide Rock
View From Slide Rock State Park.
View of Sedona Scenic Byway State Route 179
Midsummer view of Sedona Scenic Byway State Route 179.
Sedona Poppies
Colorful poppies are seen growing wild along the road in Sedona, Arizona.
Visitors Enjoy Spring Wildflowers of the Sonoran Desert
Spring in Arizona is the season residents and visitors alike wait for in eager anticipation. The desert terrain bursts into a canvas of unimaginable beauty as delicate desert wildflowers blanket the landscape.
Hot Air Balloons Over Sedona Airport Mesa
Hot air balloons float above the Sedona Airport mesa, early morning July 2015.
Wedding Chapel at Tlaquepaque, Sedona, Arizona
Wedding Chapel at Tlaquepaque, Sedona, Arizona.  Taken August 15, 2015.
Cathedral Rock Reflections
Cathedral Rock is considered the location of a major vortex in Sedona, Arizona.
Sedona Airport Vortex
Sedona Airport Vortex - view of visitors at the top.
Cathedral Rock, Close-Up At Sunset
Cathedral Rock, Close-Up At Sunset.
View Under Coffee Pot Rock
The view under Coffee Pot Rock, one of the most famous red rocks in Sedona.
Arizona's First People - Native Americans of Northern and Central Arizona
Like no other part of the country, Native American culture and history play an immediately present and dynamic role in the life of northern and central Arizona. The landscape itself is imprinted with evidence of thousands of years of human life.
Tuzigoot National Monument
Tuzigoot National Monument in Clarkdale, Arizona.
Monsoon Sunset - West Sedona
Monsoon season brings beautiful sunsets, a treat to the artist and photographer living in Sedona.
Sedona Red Rocks Glow at Sunset
At sunset, Sedona's red rocks can glow with the most beautiful red-orange hues.  Such a moment is forever captured.
Bell Rock - Zipping by on Sedona Scenic Byway 179
Bell Rock - Zipping by on Sedona Scenic Byway 179.
Monument Valley: A Landscape and A Culture
Quite possibly one of the most photographed spots on earth, Monument Valley is a striking testament to the impermanent nature of even the planet's most massive forms.
Verde Hot Springs
Now who doesn't love getting naked with strangers?  If you raised your hand, just click on by. If you were hoping, however, that I meant enjoying one of Northern Arizona's wilderness hot springs, read on my adventurous friend!
View of Oak Creek
View Of Oak Creek.
Fast and Feisty — the Greater Roadrunner
They're goofy, rangy, amusing but seemingly harmless. Oh, but don't be fooled. Forget the dopey purple "Beep Beep!" critter made famous by the Warner Brothers cartoons.
Sedona Sunset Over Airport Mesa
Sedona Sunset Over Airport Mesa
Lovescape At Tlaquepaque, Sedona, Arizona
Lovescape At Tlaquepaque, Sedona, Arizona.
Red Rock Formation, Sedona, Arizona
Red Rock Formation, Sedona, Arizona.
Monsoon Double Rainbow Over Elephant Rock, Sedona, Arizona
Monsoon Double Rainbow Over Elephant Rock, Sedona, Arizona.
Monsoon Skies Over Airport Mesa
Monsoon Skies Over Airport Mesa, Sedona, Arizona.
Sedona Early Morning Cloud
Sedona Early Morning Cloud
Sacred Ground Sacred Water At Montezuma Well near Sedona Arizona
Montezuma Well is a large sinkhole with a continuous flow of water seeping up through vents in the limestone. It was once home to Sinaguan farmers who used the water to irrigate their fields, and that today, supports aquatic life that cannot be...
Sunset at Airport Overlook, West Sedona
Sunset at Airport Overlook, West Sedona.
The Sedona Vortex - Real or Imagined?
Is the Sedona vortex real?  To help answer that question, we looked at some examples of a vortex and thought about why Sedona has long been considered a special place. See maps of the Sedona vortex locations too.
Sedona Petroglyphs: Rock Art at Red Tank Draw Near Sedona Arizona
The panel of petroglyphs is hidden from view, a large juniper obscuring the boulder located just before a narrow one-lane bridge that crosses Red Tank Draw.
Rainbow Over Elephant Rock - Sedona, Arizona Monsoon Sky
Rainbow Over Elephant Rock - Sedona, Arizona Monsoon Sky
Monsoon Presents Photographic Moments at Sedona Airport in Scenic Sedona Arizona
Visitors to Sedona are fortunate to experience red rock country during the summer monsoons. Some of the most enduring and classic images of Arizona are taken during the rainy season.
Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam - Irresistible Fun, Undeniable Conflict
Lake Powell presents a stark, striking landscape born of tension among the elements, including the influence of man. Water and land are in a perpetual standoff, the lake's shores lapping away at a waterline it took 17 years to reach, once the...
Sedona Uptown Market and Harley Davidson Shop
Sedona Uptown Market and Harley Davidson specialty shop.
Village of Oak Creek Along Scenic Byway 179
Village of Oak Creek Along Scenic Byway 179.
The Western Gateway: An Important Key to the Future of Sedona, Arizona
Nestled on the western end of Sedona’s city limits is a stretch of land straddling State Route 89A from just west of Sedona Red Rock High School and stretching east just beyond the Sedona Medical Center.  This is known as the Western...
Midgley Bridge Sedona
Midgley Bridge is located along Hwy 89A, heading north through Oak Creek Canyon. After you cross the bridge, you'll see a parking lot to your left where you can view Oak Creek winding towards Sedona.
Sacred Datura
Sacred Datura, common nightblooming wildflower in Sedona.
Visitors Enjoy Red Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona
One reason Sedona is such a treasure is the ease with which you can access its natural wonders. You need not be a backcountry expert, or forge rivers and boulders with a military-style vehicle, to get up close and personal with some of the...
Jogging Through Red Rocks
Imagine the bliss of a cool morning jog or hike through magnificent red rock scenery.
Along Andante Trail Near Chimney Pass, Sedona
Along Andante Trail Near Chimney Pass, Sedona.
Sedona Cathedral Rock August Sunset
Sedona Cathedral Rock August Sunset
A Scientific and Simple Explanation of the Sedona Vortex and Spiritual Uniqueness
The majestic red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation are two obvious reasons for the unique energy of Sedona and its tangible regenerative and inspirational effects. From a Brain Science perspective we know that the red-orange color of the rock...
View of Red Rocks from West Sedona
View of Red Rocks from West Sedona.
Cathedral Rock Still Waters
This view of Cathedral Rock catches the reflection of its famous red rock spires in the calm waters of Oak Creek.  Scene from Red Rock Crossing in Sedona, Arizona.
Slip Sliding Away At Slide Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona
Escape the summer heat in one of northern Arizona’s oldest and most spectacular swimming holes — Slide Rock on Oak Creek in Sedona.
Sedona Early Morning Cloud - A Mermaid?
Sedona Early Morning Cloud - Mermaid Sketch.
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We're always searching for new and gorgeous Sedona photos to post.  Here's what we're looking for:

  • Photos of the red rocks
  • Photos taken along Sedona's many hiking trails
  • Dramatic Sedona monsoon photos, especially rainbows
  • Photos of Sedona wildlife and birds, especially close up
  • Sedona snowscenes

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to contribute a photo with a caption, telling us when you took it and anything about your experience.  As long as it's a quality photo, we'll consider posting it along with your story—and we'll be sure to give you credit!