Sedona Photo Gallery

Enjoy our Sedona Photo Gallery! Our large collection of pictures of Sedona and the region have been taken over the past ten years by multiple Sedona photographers and contributors.  If this is your first time here, please wait as the gallery is loading.

Arizona's Ponderosa Pine
The dignified, hardy ponderosa pine has long been a symbol of the wild American West, and the tree has done particularly well for itself in Arizona. They're found throughout the West from Canada to Mexico, but the stand stretching from...
Cathedral Rock Sunset
Cathdral Rock glows pink and orange at sunset in Sedona, Arizona.
The Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona's Architectural Landmark and Shrine
More than half a century after its construction, the Chapel of the Holy Cross continues to be a place of wonder, spiritual renewal, and sublime vistas for all who come to Sedona.
Elephant Rock and the Two Nuns
Elephant Rock and the Two Nuns.
Sedona Airport Mesa Sunset, August 15th
Sedona Airport Mesa Sunset, August 15th, 2015.
Monsoon Sunset In Sedona
This beautiful monsoon sunset is typical of the skies over Sedona in late summer.
Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona
Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona.
Along the Sedona Courthouse Butte Trail - Quiet Pool with Tadpoles
Along the Sedona Courthouse Butte Trail - Quiet Pool with Tadpoles.
Morgan Road and Arrow Drive Roundabout, State Route179, Sedona, Arizona
Morgan Road and Arrow Drive Roundabout, State Route179, Sedona, Arizona.
Montezuma Castle, A Major Attraction Near Sedona Arizona
It's not a castle... and Montezuma was never here!  Nestled into a limestone recess high above the flood plain of Beaver Creek in the Verde Valley stands one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America.
Javelinas In Sedona
Javelinas, also known as the Collared Peccary, are commonly sighted in Sedona, Arizona.
Summer Rains Sound Like Love to Arizona Tarantulas
Summer rainstorms of the Arizona desert cue sexually mature male tarantulas to begin their single-minded quest to find females, marching stoically along to fulfill their romantic destinies.
Entering the Western Gateway to Sedona Arizona
Entering the Western Gateway to Sedona Arizona along State Route 89A.  Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock magically come into view.
Sedona Sunset in the Village Of Oak Creek
As the sun sets in the Village of Oak Creek near Sedona, the sky turns shades of pink and purple.
Soldiers Pass View
Soldiers Pass, Sedona, Arizona.
A Scientific and Simple Explanation of the Sedona Vortex and Spiritual Uniqueness
The majestic red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation are two obvious reasons for the unique energy of Sedona and its tangible regenerative and inspirational effects. From a Brain Science perspective we know that the red-orange color of the rock...
Thoughts on the Grand Canyon - the Easy Way
The Grand Canyon may well be the most accessible of the world's wonders.  At the place in the park where the main lodges are, a carload of people can practically park right at the edge of the South Rim, which is bordered by a wide paved...
Sedona's Most Famous Red Rock Formations: Bell Rock vs. Cathedral Rock
While names of the red rocks are descriptive to varying degrees, there’s no doubt in your mind when you see Bell Rock which one you’re looking at. It sits just to the North of Hwy 179, between the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona, a...
Monument Valley: A Landscape and A Culture
Quite possibly one of the most photographed spots on earth, Monument Valley is a striking testament to the impermanent nature of even the planet's most massive forms.
Stories in Stone near Sedona, Arizona: The V-Bar-V Petroglyphs
Just a few miles north up Interstate 17 from Montezuma Well is a hidden treasure of the ancient Sinagua past, surrounded by some of the loveliest creekside scenery around.
The Javelina - Sedona, Arizona's Famous Pig-Like Desert Dweller
They're hairy, stinky, and downright adorable! Meet the Javelina, Sedona's famous pig-like desert dweller. Otherwise known as the Collared Peccary, the Javelina is one of three species of New World peccaries. They look like small, very...
Winter Passes Through Red Rock Country in Sedona Arizona
There is the old saying about the weather in Arizona - something to the effect that if the weather doesn't quite suit your taste, give it five minutes and it will change.  February is one of the more fickle months when it comes to the...
Sacred Ground Sacred Water At Montezuma Well near Sedona Arizona
Montezuma Well is a large sinkhole with a continuous flow of water seeping up through vents in the limestone. It was once home to Sinaguan farmers who used the water to irrigate their fields, and that today, supports aquatic life that cannot be...
Sedona Snow Scene
This spectacular snow scene was photographed on a sunny February day along Dry Creek Road, Sedona, Arizona.
Devil's Bridge Near Sedona
Devil's Bridge is a natural stone arch located a few miles from the center of Sedona.
The Sedona Vortex - Real or Imagined?
Is the Sedona vortex real?  To help answer that question, we looked at some examples of a vortex and thought about why Sedona has long been considered a special place. See maps of the Sedona vortex locations too.
Cathedral Rock Reflections
Cathedral Rock is considered the location of a major vortex in Sedona, Arizona.
Slip Sliding Away At Slide Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona
Escape the summer heat in one of northern Arizona’s oldest and most spectacular swimming holes — Slide Rock on Oak Creek in Sedona.
Top Of Cathedral Rock
The top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona amazes climbers with sweeping views.
Sedona Sunset Over Airport Mesa
Sedona Sunset Over Airport Mesa
Sedona Homes Dwarfed by Snow-Dusted Red Rocks
Sedona homes are dwarfed by snow-dusted red rocks in this rare Sedona, Arizona snowfall.  Photo taken by co-publisher, Chuck Oldham.
Sedona Uptown Market and Harley Davidson Shop
Sedona Uptown Market and Harley Davidson specialty shop.
Rainbow Over Elephant Rock - Sedona, Arizona Monsoon Sky
Rainbow Over Elephant Rock - Sedona, Arizona Monsoon Sky
Verde Hot Springs
Now who doesn't love getting naked with strangers?  If you raised your hand, just click on by. If you were hoping, however, that I meant enjoying one of Northern Arizona's wilderness hot springs, read on my adventurous friend!
Sedona - Early Morning Southern Sky
Sedona - Early Morning Southern Sky View.
Bell Rock, Famous Sedona Landmark
Bell Rock, famous red rock landmark in Sedona, Arizona, is considered a major Sedona vortex site.  It is located along Highway 179 in the Village of Oak Creek.
Sedona Sunset - Looking Toward Uptown
This Sedona sunset is rich with orange and red hues.
View of Oak Creek
View Of Oak Creek.
Visitors Enjoy Red Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona
One reason Sedona is such a treasure is the ease with which you can access its natural wonders. You need not be a backcountry expert, or forge rivers and boulders with a military-style vehicle, to get up close and personal with some of the...
Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Views Along Sedona Scenic Byway 179
Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Views Along Sedona Scenic Byway 179.
Sedona - Rolling out the Red Carpet - to Hikers!
Sedona - Rolling out the Red Carpet - to Hikers!
Spectacular Sedona Sunset
This spectacular Sedona sunset was unusually brilliant due to the extensive, tight cloud formation.
Mystical Sedona Known the World Over as New Age Mecca
Maybe you've experienced the mystical nature of Sedona yourself. From the far-out to the apparently average, people of all stripes are deeply affected by Sedona's mysterious draw, known to many as "Red Rock Fever."
Hot Air Balloons Over Sedona Airport Mesa
Hot air balloons float above the Sedona Airport mesa, early morning July 2015.
Slide Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona
Slide Rock is a portion of Oak Creek where the creekbed is a sloping chute of slippery rock, making it a natural waterslide. Along the way are little shallows for wading and deeper pools for a bona fide swim.
The View from Submarine Rock in Sedona
The view from Submarine Rock in Sedona.
Bell Rock - Zipping by on Sedona Scenic Byway 179
Bell Rock - Zipping by on Sedona Scenic Byway 179.
View of Courthouse Butte, Sedona, Arizona
Courthouse Butte, Sedona, Arizona.
Sunset Monsoon
Sunset Monsoon, taken near Marg's Draw Trail at sunset.
Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam - Irresistible Fun, Undeniable Conflict
Lake Powell presents a stark, striking landscape born of tension among the elements, including the influence of man. Water and land are in a perpetual standoff, the lake's shores lapping away at a waterline it took 17 years to reach, once the...
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We're always searching for new and gorgeous Sedona photos to post.  Here's what we're looking for:

  • Photos of the red rocks
  • Photos taken along Sedona's many hiking trails
  • Dramatic Sedona monsoon photos, especially rainbows
  • Photos of Sedona wildlife and birds, especially close up
  • Sedona snowscenes

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to contribute a photo with a caption, telling us when you took it and anything about your experience.  As long as it's a quality photo, we'll consider posting it along with your story—and we'll be sure to give you credit!