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The Gambel's quail is a common bird in Sedona, Arizona.

Gambel's Quail, One of Sedona's Favorite Little Desert Friends

If you step out your front door one morning and it sounds like your front-yard prickly pear is talking to itself, no need to check yourself in. The chattering, muttering and burbling that emanates from beneath desert scrub all over the Southwest can usually be attributed to the Gambel's Quail, one of Arizona's favorite little desert friends. If you step closer to that babbling cactus, several quail will probably scurry out to take cover under the next bush, turning up the chatter and bobbing their absurd little topknots on the way. If it's early summer you'll see the fuzzy cotton-ball babies fumbling along after their parents, and you've hit the adorability jackpot.

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Ant Cuff at Turquoise Tortoise Gallery, Sedona, Arizona.

Summertime Art Showcased at Turquoise Tortoise Gallery in Sedona Arizona

Summertime Art opens at Turquoise Tortoise Gallery in Sedona Arizona, known for its extensive collection of top quality Native American jewelry and art.

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Sticks art furniture Lazy Susan at Lanning Gallery, Sedona, Arizona.

New Exhibit of Enchanting Art Furniture Opening at Lanning Gallery in Sedona Arizona

Sticks art furniture, represented at Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona, features rich colors and lively designs coupled with words or phrases that inspire heartfelt responses.

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The Fifth Annual Hummingbird Festival Comes to Sedona, Arizona

The Sedona Hummingbird Festival will be held July 29 to 31, 2016 at the Sedona Performing Arts Center. Highlights of the event include the Birds and Blooms garden tour, a gala banquet, the Hummingbird Marketplace, and hummingbird banding demonstrations.

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West Sedona View: Thunder Mountain, Coffee Pot Rock

View of Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock

View of West Sedona Red Rock formations like Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock.

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Hummingbirds in Sedona, Arizona.

Hummingbirds — Tiny Wonders in Sedona Arizona

Arizona is the state with the second most hummingbird species in the U.S. Those who maintain hummingbird feeders in Sedona are amply rewarded with dawn to dusk visits by these tiny, jewel-like birds. They compete fiercely for a spot on the feeder, buzzing back and forth, constantly scolding each other, then giving in for a long sip of sugar water.

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