Sedona Astrology

Readings by established Sedona astrologers include charting services as well as monthly astrology forecasting and trends.

Stillwaters Astrology
Lee Stillwaters Astrology 60

Lee, founder of  Stillwaters Astrology, is an intuitive astrologer of 23 years, providing expert astrology readings in Sedona and across the U.S. by telephone. Astrological services include natal charts, relationship compatibility through synastry and composite charts, personal life timing through transits, progressions, and solar returns, and relocation astrology for changes in residence or travel.


Sedona, AZ 86336

Sedona New Age

Mystical Sedona is known the world over as a New Age Mecca.  Spend enough time talking to folks in Sedona and you'll begin to hear a common theme. Some consciously came here on a spiritual "quest." Some just felt compelled to drop everything in their lives and move here for no reason at all.

Maybe you've experienced the mystical nature of Sedona yourself. From the far-out to the apparently average, people of all stripes are deeply affected by Sedona's mysterious draw, known to many as "Red Rock Fever." It's a phenomenon so common that an entire industry has bloomed in Sedona catering to those who come here for healing, clarification. or inspiration.