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Mountaintop Sedona Webcam Reveals Red Rock Wonders of Sedona, Arizona, Around the World

View from the Sedona Webcam

Above:  The majesty of Sedona, Arizona, presented online in high definition and real-time motion.

Sedona, AZ: The Sedona Webcam and EarthCam have joined forces to bring real-time, motion-rich, high-definition (HD) mountaintop views of Sedona, Arizona, to the public world wide.

Earthcam's unrivaled network of live, iconic webcams feature some of the planet's most popular locations and landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, Times Square, World Trade Center, Niagara Falls, Miami Beach, the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.  Established in 1996, is today the world leader in delivering webcam content with over 34 million visitors annually.

The Sedona Webcam is situated at the highest point at the Sedona Airport Tabletop Mountain.

A distinquished addition to the already impressive Earthcam network, the Sedona Webcam employs state-of-the-art tourism camera technology and is located at the highest point on the “Tabletop Mountain” at the Sedona Airport. Panoramic 360-degree views deliver jaw-dropping scenes of the City of Sedona along with popular red rock formations like Coffee Pot Rock, Thunder Mountain, the Airport Vortex, Sugarloaf, and Chimney Rock.

Steamboat Rock at sunset, Sedona, Arizona.
Above:  The Sedona Webcam delivers astonishingly crisp views of the red rocks; at sunset, Sedona puts on a show that can now be enjoyed from anywhere in the world with a computer and Internet service.

Sedona’s Comello Media Services is owner of the digital HD web camera that provides the live feed to’s servers, enabling millions of Internet viewers the opportunity to visit Sedona online in "real time." A link to their new is now part of Earthcam’s Sedona Red Rock Cam page.

A recent Earthcam press release commented, "Known for its captivating presence, people around the world travel to Sedona for a spiritual retreat among a piece of untouched nature. With this new webcam, complete with 360° panoramic views of the expansive red rock formations, visitors will be awed by the majesty of these unique mountains. The EarthCam Creative Team also created a custom interactive panorama, with special callouts for all the locations and landmarks that are visible from this aerial vantage point. Visitors will be treated to views including Oak Creek Canyon, Munds Mountain, Steamboat Rock and Thunder Mountain, which served as inspiration for the design of Space Mountain at Disneyland."

These high-definition, live panoramic views of Sedona will introduce the beauty and intrigue of Sedona to thousands of potential new visitors. — Jennifer Wesselhoff, President and CEO of Sedona's Chamber of Commerce.

In reference to the development of this new HD webcam in Sedona, Jennifer Wesselhoff, President and CEO of Sedona's Chamber of Commerce said, "These high-definition, live panoramic views of Sedona will introduce the beauty and intrigue of Sedona to thousands of potential new visitors to Sedona and Northern Arizona." She added, "The live view vantage point on top of a mountain high above the city of Sedona is ideal to showcase Sedona's unique red rock vistas. We hope first time viewers will fall in love with Sedona's majesty and plan a visit to see and experience red rock country in person."

In September, the Earthcam company also launched, a 24-hour,  live "TV channel" featuring the best views from its network collection of global HD cameras in a programmed lineup. Earthcam’s Sedona Red Rock Cam is part of this lineup, going live several times a day to the delight of viewers around the world.

Earthcam TV and the Sedona Red Rock Cam

Above:  The camera captures visitors climbing up and down to a popular Sedona Vortex site at sunset.

We can’t think of a more spectacular location to launch our first live, streaming Arizona webcam. — Clarissa Ramirez, EarthCam Network Product Specialist

The Sedona Webcam is also Arizona's first live, streaming webcam where viewers can see people, cars, and clouds in motion at any given moment, in "real time."  Clarissa Ramirez, EarthCam Network Product Specialist, stated, "We can’t think of a more spectacular location to launch our first live, streaming Arizona webcam. We’re thrilled to add this special camera to the EarthCam Webcam Network and share live views of this beautiful and mesmerizing space in nature with people around the world."

Al Comello, President of Comello Media Services, noted, "Our webcam's high activity and amazing diversity of viewership only underscores the power of Sedona’s image and popularity.  I have no doubt that the Sedona cam will become an iconic, top performer for the Earthcam network and Sedona tourism will benefit tremendously because people who would never have considered coming here before will find us and be inspired to visit."
Panorama surrounding Sedona Airport Vortex as viewed from the Sedona Webcam.

Above:  Unforgettable views of Sedona are now a daily event, thanks to the Sedona Webcam.  Here, the Sedona Airport vortex site is seen against the expansive red rock panorama along with moving, billowing clouds.

To experience Sedona, Arizona, views first hand, visit during daylight hours (Arizona or Mountain Standard time).  To view Sedona’s new webcam on EarthCam’s network, visit To view many of the other HD cams around the world, go to, or visit their new 24-hour TV channel at


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