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Naomi Brown is a self-taught artist whose desert landscapes and animal paintings have earned her national recognition and awards.  Her works range in size from large to very small, and she has become well known for her miniature paintings.
Artist Lisa Eastman paints luminous landscapes that capture the beauty of her surroundings as if observing a scene from a dream. She uses a special technique of depicting light and color, infusing untamed nature with picturesque qualities.
It’s time for Sedona businesses to celebrate and partake in one of the best networking opportunities in Sedona, Arizona: the Good Morning Sedona breakfast show on Friday, October 3rd, at the Elks Lodge in West Sedona.
Gayane Karapetyan is a self-taught modern abstract artist. In her paintings, she uses powerful colors to capture the beauty of landscapes, light refractions, mysterious fluctuations of water, texture of flowers, and the deviational patterns of a moving form.
"Life Vessels," a show of nature-inspired paintings and sculpture, opens at the James Ratliff Gallery, Hillside Sedona, with a short presentation by the artist, Cary Henrie. In addition to the latest richly painted artworks for which Cary Henrie has received worldwide recognition, there will be Henrie’s introduction of authentically-harvested butterflies from South America and Southeast Asia.
The summer season is winding down across the state, but Sedona is still going strong with popular events enticing visitors to stay.
The Verde Valley Archaeology Center is hosting a free presentation on the importance of aerial photography in archaeology.  They are also inaugurating the Sherman Loy Memorial Award, given annually to an avocational archaeologist for their outstanding efforts in the protection and promotion of the archaeological heritage of the Verde Valley.
Accomplished painter Michael Orwick has agreed to judge the Gateway To Sedona Artist Competition for September 2014.  Sharing an interest in the goals of the competition, Michael also wants to make it possible for people to have access to studio art materials and instruction in places around the world like Belize where there is no art in schools and few art supplies.
Fine artist Ryan O’Sullivan’s passion for the natural world is vividly demonstrated in his paintings.  His use of color and fine attention to detail draw the viewer into the artwork and bring the subject to life.
Beth Macy is an accomplished fine artist whose paintings can be found in collections globally, from New York to Australia. She has won awards and honors from Oil Painters of America, The New City Arts Foundation, Newburyport Art Association, and Cambridge Art Association.
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