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Lanning Gallery opens “David Johns: New Works” on 1st Friday, May 1st and welcomes the distinguished Navajo artist to a reception from 5 to 8 pm.
Turquoise Tortoise Gallery in Sedona, Arizona presents its annual showcase for one of the gallery’s most accomplished artists: “Tony Abeyta: New Work,” opens on 1st Friday, May 1st with a reception from 5-8 pm.
The longest running home tour in Arizona boasts never before seen Historic and Significant homes in this Guided Tour through the mile high town’s back streets.
Cinco de Mayo is fast becoming a hugely popular celebration from Mexico and Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts will be fully decked out to celebrate this historic day in grand style.  Also, for the fifth straight year, Tlaquepaque will sponsor the Great Sedona Chili Cook-Off as part of the day. Last year, hundreds of folks attended and it just gets more popular every year.
The featured event of this year’s Great Sedona Chili Cook-Off is the Fire Chiefs’ Challenge.  The Fire Chiefs at Sedona Fire District and Verde Valley Fire District are perfecting their secret chili recipes for this first-ever competition.
Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona opens a very special exhibition which may bring surprises to many people. “With Age Comes Wisdom: The Art of Bill Woolway and Howard Hitchcock” opens 1st Friday, April 3rd, with a reception from 5-8 pm; the artists whose work is featured are 95 years old and 87 years old, respectively.
Turquoise Tortoise Gallery in Sedona, Arizona presents a showcase for an immensely gifted wood worker. “Larry Witt: Segmented Turning,” opens on 1st Friday, April 3rd with a reception from 5-8 pm.
A select group chefs from throughout the Verde Valley are perfecting their favorite chili recipes as they prepare for the toughest competition yet at the Fifth Annual Great Sedona Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, May 2, 2015.
Turquoise Tortoise Gallery in Sedona, Arizona, presents a joyously provocative new exhibition: “Gregory Lomayesva: Free Interpretation,” opening 1st Friday, March 6th, from 5-8 pm, with a reception open to all.
At Sedona’s Lanning Gallery you have to look twice at the snow leopards and tigers that greet you. The animal sculptures look that real. “Anne Andersson: Wild at Heart” is the new exhibition that opens 1st Friday, March 6th, with a reception from 5-8 pm.
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