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A unique, new exhibition opens at Sedona, Arizona’s Lanning Gallery making the summer season just a bit easier for travelers. On August 1st, the gallery marks the opening of “Fine Art: Travel Size” with a reception from 5 to 8 pm and puts the spotlight squarely on diminutive art that can fit in a suitcase.
An interesting summer exhibition opens at Sedona’s Turquoise Tortoise Gallery as vessels are celebrated in their own show which opens with a 1st Friday reception August 1 from 5 to 8 pm. “Vessels” is a showcase for the ancient form of humble container now celebrated as art in many mediums and styles.
Sedona, Arizona artist Hauson, a master of colorful, geometrical, symbolic abstract paintings, is exhibiting nine spectacular works in the Gateway To Sedona Artist Competition.
Jason Sacran is an accomplished fine art painter who has been honored with numerous prestigious awards and accolades for his body of work that includes portraits, landscapes, still life, drawings, and plein air paintings.
Mary Helsaple is a wildlife artist, nature photographer, business owner, and wildlife film producer.  She describes herself as a realistic and narrative painter, saying, "My goal is to tell a story that connects people to nature. My favorite subjects are found in the dynamic and diverse stories I have discovered while exploring the rainforests of South America and the wilderness in North America."
John Jaster is an award-winning painter whose works evoke the blissful serenity of  times past.  He currently lives in the Southern California mountains but spends a lot of time working in Dayton, Ohio, as the outdoor scenes in his paintings reflect the many parks and rivers in the area.
The publishers of Gateway To Sedona are excited to announce the opening of The Gateway To Sedona Artist Competition.  Beginning in July, 2014, this online art competition, exhibition, and fundraiser offers over $10,000 in cash awards.
Lanning Gallery opens "With Flying Colors" featuring painter and sculptor Russ Vogt during the 1st Friday artist's reception in Sedona.
Sedona welcomes the return of popular and inspiring Native American artist and actor Michael Horse. Turquoise Tortoise Gallery has represented Horse since the 1970s and is pleased to host him at a 1st Friday artist reception.
El Portal, Sedona’s premiere boutique hotel located in the heart of the beautiful red rock country of Arizona, announces the installation of its new green rooftop garden.
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