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October 18th to  25th, watch Robert Masla paint as he has been invited to participate in the 10th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival.  Presented by Sedona Arts Center, this painting festival features "31 award-winning artists, selected from among the best of the best."
“Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It,” a siren call from James and Patricia Ratliff to fellow devotees and connoisseurs of art, will debut at the James Ratliff Gallery, Hillside Sedona, on Friday, November 7th, with an opening reception from 5 to 8 pm.
Sedona, AZ:  Heather Parris loves to ride bikes, but even more, she loves to introduce others to cycling in one of the most beautiful places on earth:  Sedona, Arizona, and the nearby Verde Valley.
The Verde Valley Archaeology Center (VVAC) has announced the pending acquisition of over 15 acres of the Simonton Ranch in Camp Verde that contains at least eight undisturbed ancient pithouses estimated to date from about A.D. 650.
Sedona’s Turquoise Tortoise Gallery presents its new exhibition, “Tradition: John MacLeod and Escalante Rugs,” to highlight both MacLeod’s magnificent recreations of Native American war shirts and Escalante’s impressive selection of hand-woven rugs and pillows from top Zapotec Indian weavers.
Color and more color are the defining characteristics of the new exhibition opening at Sedona’s Lanning Gallery this October.  Two award-winning artists unveil new works in “Brilliant Hues: Randi Solin Glass & Mark Gould Paintings.”
Naomi Brown is a self-taught artist whose desert landscapes and animal paintings have earned her national recognition and awards.  Her works range in size from large to very small, and she has become well known for her miniature paintings.
Artist Lisa Eastman paints luminous landscapes that capture the beauty of her surroundings as if observing a scene from a dream. She uses a special technique of depicting light and color, infusing untamed nature with picturesque qualities.
Gayane Karapetyan is a self-taught modern abstract artist. In her paintings, she uses powerful colors to capture the beauty of landscapes, light refractions, mysterious fluctuations of water, texture of flowers, and the deviational patterns of a moving form.
"Life Vessels," a show of nature-inspired paintings and sculpture, opens at the James Ratliff Gallery, Hillside Sedona, with a short presentation by the artist, Cary Henrie. In addition to the latest richly painted artworks for which Cary Henrie has received worldwide recognition, there will be Henrie’s introduction of authentically-harvested butterflies from South America and Southeast Asia.
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